Director of Organizing and Community Partnerships

Wisconsin Voices

Wisconsin Voices envisions a Wisconsin where every person thrives in True Equity, free from racial, identity, civic and otherwise discrimination. We unify a dynamic network of progressive nonprofits in Wisconsin around achieving shared goals not simply to build a better Democracy but to build a better Community with our partners for the People we serve. We help to build our partners’ capacity, amplify their impact, nurture new leadership, promote racial equity, internal and external accountability, and champion progressive policies that will make peoples’ lives better for real and not just on paper. We foster civic engagement, not for its own sake but for the sake of truly, actually, bettering the lives of our communities. Our Job is to empower our partners to do the absolute best work that they can possibly do. Wisconsin Voices plays a unique role in the progressive movement by creating the structure to empower organizations in the non-profit community through:

  • Deep, Sustained collaboration, capacity building, and incubation of partnerships.
  • Continuous direct and indirect community engagement.
  • Ongoing year-round civic engagement.
  • Convening and connecting Community and Partners.
  • Long-term strategic, community and partner centric, planning not simply for collective impact but truly progressive sustained positive change.

Position Details

Director of Organizing and Community Partnerships
Southeast Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

This position will report directly to the Co-Executive Director of Organizational Empowerment on a day-to-day basis and both the Co-Executive Director of Organizational Empowerment and the Co-Executive Director of Fundraising and Development generally, as directed. The DOCP will directly supervise and collaborate with the organizing team under their purview, work with the leadership team comprised of the Co-Executive Directors, Director level leadership, and otherwise staff to create campaigns, shape and execute the mission, and collective Equity and Empowerment vision of the Community, our organizational partners, and Wisconsin Voices.

The DOCP will be directly responsible for Wisconsin Voices’ relationship with its growing base of partners, building Equitable statewide capacity within our partner network, promoting Racial and otherwise Equity in all aspects of the DOCP’s work and leadership, while working with the staff and partners to create strategies and campaigns to promote Comprehensive Engagement in diverse communities across the state.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and facilitate the Wisconsin Voices partner network around its campaigns and organizing in addition to facilitating the partnership organizing engagement and campaign planning committee.
  • Work with the Policy Director and partners to develop comprehensive engagement strategies and campaigns around critical policy issues.
  • Work with the Communications Director and partners to facilitate partner centric statewide strategic communications.
  • Work with the Finance and Regrants manager, Grants Manager and partners to develop and facilitate the partnership regrants program and to coordinate organizing programs with requirements of grant funding agreements.
  • Build Wisconsin Voices’ partners Capacity, Effectiveness, and Influence throughout Wisconsin.
  • Lead and contribute to statewide and regional community and partner alliances.
  • Prioritize helping partners build internal capacity.
  • Actively collaborate with the Wisconsin Voices leadership team to develop comprehensive internal and external strategies and systems for organizing.
  • Help create and support statewide civic engagement through traditional and non-traditional means in collaboration with partners to engage the Community the way it would like to be engaged while making sure that civic participation is a foundation of all of Wisconsin Voices’ community and partner engagement.
  • Supervise statewide organizing staff to reach organizational and partnership network goals.
  • Work with the Data Director to provide accountability, data tracking, and support to staff organizers and the partnership network to make sure data is recorded and milestones are being attained.
  • Schedule and lead regular planning and strategy meetings with Wisconsin Voices leadership, organizing, data, and policy team members.
  • Create internal and external systems of tracking and accountability for internal organizing and partnership network campaign goals.

Bachelors or higher-level degree in political science or otherwise related field is welcome but demonstrable real-world experience and success supersedes all.

Compensation: $60,000 to $70,000 annual salary (based upon experience).

Benefits: Health, Vision, Dental, 401k, paid vacation, sick leave, partial phone reimbursement, and travel reimbursement.

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