About Big Shoes Network

Founded in 2006, we started Big Shoes Network to support you:

  • Students – it's frustrating to find a local internship.
  • College grads - it's scary searching for that first job.
  • New pros - it's a challenge to switch industries or move up in a company.
  • Seasoned professionals – it's risky reaching for the senior-level job or (gasp!) your own start-up.
  • Hiring managers – it's aggravating sifting through tons of responses that don’t meet your needs.

We've been there. So, we created Big Shoes Network as a place with targeted, trusted and timely content including internships, freelance gigs and job opportunities. We're like the guy in the room who you ask, "Do you know anyone who is good at…?" And he gives you a shortlist of 'spot on' names.

We don't know it all. So, we focus on professions we do know: advertising, communications, digital, graphic design, marketing, media, PR, social media, web design and development.

We aren't everywhere. So, we target places we've lived and worked: Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha, Northern IL, Chicago, Minneapolis and all points in between in Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

You know the best opportunities come from connections. We connect you with a business directory for campaign and project work, events & news, creative resources with relevant links, and recommended books.

You can get up-to-date jobs, internships and resources through our email newsletter, Facebook, LinkedIn and website.

We're here to help you fill big shoes. Word-of-mouth is how we grow. Post your opportunities and share Big Shoes Network with others. Thanks!

Jeff & Martha Carrigan

Jeff & Martha Carrigan