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Mastering Marketing: Leading A Journey Of Becoming
Mastering Marketing: Leading A Journey Of Becoming
by John H. Watson

New to marketing? This book offers a step-by-step guide to marketing and business development. If you're a startup or looking to growing a business, but you’re not sure where to start, this book is for you. Mastering Marketing guides you through the pre-planning, development and refinement of your sales and marketing program. It presents marketing not a series of tasks to complete, but as a system to build and become. This book is for start-up entrepreneurs, professionals, small business owners, marketing managers, or any leader committed to attracting, retaining and developing long-term relationships with clients.

What’s outlined is a progression of 20-Steps to follow in the development of your marketing program. Each step is a Way Of Being to master. Mastery over each Way involves understanding it, applying it to your business, and then integrating it into your culture, systems, and operational practices. The end goal is a systematic and customer-centric program for relationship development and earnings growth. Don't fall into the random acts of marketing trap. Make sure you're ready to make solid marketing investments that lead directly to sales.

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Instagram Power, Second Edition: Build Your Brand and Reach More Customers with Visual Influence
Instagram Power, Second Edition: Build Your Brand and Reach More Customers with Visual Influence
by Jason Miles

Build your business on Instagram - today's hottest social media platform.

While other social sites are declining in popularity, Instagram is hotter than ever-and shows no signs of cooling off any time soon. But it's not just users that are flocking to the site, marketers love it too. With more features and marketing capabilities than ever, Instagram is a channel that smart marketers can't afford to avoid.

Filled with proven strategies from leading Instagram experts this updated edition of Instagram Power walks you through the steps of setting up your account, actionable monetization methods you can use, and how to integrate the social media platform into your complete marketing approach. With 15 new chapter subsections and revisions throughout, the book shows you how to leverage all the new features, including Insights, IGTV, Shop-able Posts, Stories, and Instagram Ads.

You'll discover how to:

  • Leverage Instagram to build and strengthen your business or personal brand 
  • Design an effective marketing plan for the platform 
  • Sell directly on Instagram with Shop-able posts 
  • Avoid common pitfalls, and much more

If you're serious about marketing, you need to tap into the power of the world's most popular photo-sharing platform. This guide offers a road map to achieving Instagram marketing success.

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Business Acumen for Strategic Communicators: A Primer
Business Acumen for Strategic Communicators: A Primer
by Matthew W. Ragas and Ron Culp

Business acumen has emerged as a critical competency for communicators. But if you're a public relations, advertising or communication professional that didn't go to business school, how can you make sure you have the abilities and skills to evolve along with your role?

Business Acumen for Strategic Communicators is the book for you. Offering a critical primer for the world of business, Ragas and Culp equip you with the must-have business know-how needed to understand everything from the language and thinking of C-suites and boardrooms, to organizational agility, business models, rules and regulations, the money and the numbers, and even how to read financial statements and reports.

Written for communicators by communicators, the concepts in each chapter are illustrated by expert insight essays written by a diverse group of senior communications leaders, and packed full of case studies, interviews, key terms and cutting-edge research. Brands profiled include Aflac, Costco, CVS Health, Levi Strauss, Mayo Clinic, Southwest Airlines, Target and YMCA of America. With these critical business literacy skills in hand, you will be set to serve with success as strategic counselors to the organizational leaders that are your colleagues, clients, and business partners.

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Design for Motion: Fundamentals and Techniques of Motion Design 2nd Edition
Design for Motion: Fundamentals and Techniques of Motion Design 2nd Edition
by Austin Shaw

Combining art and design principles with creative storytelling and professional savvy, this book covers everything a serious motion designer needs to make their artistic visions a reality and confidently produce compositions for clients.

In this updated second edition of Design for Motion, author Austin Shaw explores the principles of motion design, teaching readers how to creatively harness the essential techniques of this diverse and innovative medium to create compelling style frames, design boards, and motion design products. Lessons are augmented by illustrious full-color imagery and practical exercises, allowing you to put the techniques covered into immediate practical context. Industry leaders, pioneers, and rising stars contribute their professional perspectives, share personal stories, and provide visual examples of their work.

This second edition also includes updates on the following:

  • Illustration techniques 
  • Typography 
  • Compositing 
  • Visual storytelling 
  • Incorporating 3D elements 
  • Social/mobile-first design 
  • Portfolio and concept development 
  • How to develop a distinct personal design style, and much more

Plumb the depths of core motion design fundamentals and harness the essential techniques of this diverse and innovative medium. An accompanying Companion Website ( features video tutorials, a student showcase, and more.

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