Got a question? Here are a few questions people ask about Big Shoes Network (BSN). Can’t find your answer? Just Contact Us and we'll follow up.

General Questions

Why did you name it "Big Shoes Network"?

Hiring managers were asking, "Can you help me fill big shoes?" When we founded BSN, that name was first on the list. Also, we are more than a job board. We provide resources that help you take the next steps in your career including our Resources, Events and Books pages.

Do you sell shoes?

We don't sell shoes. But someone once wrote us saying, "You sell hope," and another, "You provide connections."

BSN is a network of resources for the creative community. We're targeted, trusted and provide timely content for the digital creative media industries. Our clients are agencies, corporations and non-profits in the north central region of the U.S.

Job Seeker Questions

Is there a cost to use BSN or to subscribe?

There is no charge to view jobs/internships posted on our website - we don't even require an email address. There is a reasonable charge for other services like a company posting a job or advertising on our site. You can find pricing on our Services page.

How do I get the latest job postings?

You have several options.

  • Look for the latest jobs and internships on the Find a Job page.
  • Follow BSN on social media. Jobs are shared one-at-a-time via our Facebook and LinkedIn feed.
  • A list of jobs from the last week can be sent to your in-box. Just go to Email Newsletter Sign Up and enter the required information.

How often will I get emails from BSN?

We only send emails Tuesdays and Fridays. (Well… unless it's a holiday. We value work-life balance for you AND for us.)

How do I change my email address?

Simply Contact Us with your new information and we'll update it for you.

How do I unsubscribe from BSN's emails?

Use the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email.

Will my name and information be kept confidential?

Yes. We value your trust. We do not rent, sell or share our database of subscribers with any other person or entity. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

I'm moving out-of-state. Is BSN in other parts of the US?

BSN is only in IL, MN and WI. We do list national providers on the bottom of our Resources page. (You'll have to scroll down…there are a lot!)

I'm moving (or my friend is moving…) from another part of the US. Can I use BSN even if I'm not local?

Sure! Check out all the areas of our site. There's no cost to you to research internships and entry to senior-level jobs on our Find a Job page. BSN is a great resource to make connections with local business professional associations like AdFed, AMA, PRSA, SMPS and more – all found on our Resources page. And, if you're visiting the area, check out local networking events through BSN's Events page. Contact Us if we can be of further help.

Employer Questions

How do I post a job or internship on Big Shoes Network (BSN)?

Go to our Services page and then select the package that meets your needs. First-time users will be asked to complete four steps:

  1. Select a Package
  2. Create an Account
  3. Select a Payment Method
  4. Post Your Job

How much does it cost to post one job?

$195. The cost will not increase with clicks or engagements. That's it! For that amount, we'll:

  • Include your job on BSN's web site for up to 45 days
  • Email your job to our thousands of subscribers
  • Highlight the job on BSN's 10,000+ social network followers (Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Tell others about it at the monthly events we attend

If you plan to post more than one job, we offer a variety of money-saving job posting packages / volume purchase options.

How do I edit my posting after it has been submitted to BSN?

You have three options.

  1. You can either do it yourself via your "My Account Overview" page by clicking on "Job Posting Packages" and then "View/Edit Postings"
  2. We can do it for you via the Contact Us form.
  3. Call us at 414-962-4222 and share your edits.

We filled the job, how do I remove the job posting?

Just Contact Us and we'll remove it.

I posted the job, can I wait to make it "live" on the site?

You can either call us at 414-962-4222 and we'll hold off making it public it until you tell us. OR, the last field on the job description form is a checkbox labeled "Active" (default is 'Active'). Un-check it and Save your change to deactivate the posting.

Can recruiters use BSN to post a job?

Yes – several do and find great success with jobs in the digital creative industry. Our focus is in the Midwest (IL, MN, WI). We source the talent while recruiters screen and present that talent to their clients.

Advertiser Questions

How do I advertise my firm on Big Shoes Network (BSN)?

You have several advertising options including Rectangle Ads and Resource Directory Packages as well as Jobs, Internships, etc. Go to BSN's Services page for pricing and more.

Can I promote my event on your site?

If you have an upcoming event that is of interest to the BSN community, we can promote it via our Events page. The content must be specific to the professional communities in digital advertising, design, marketing, media or PR in Illinois, Minnesota or Wisconsin.

How much does it cost to advertise on BSN?

It depends upon the package that you choose. It ranges from $30 to $1,350. Go to BSN's Services page for pricing and more. If you have an industry event to promote, it may even cost you nothing, zip, zilch. (See the previous question.)

What are your metrics? How many people will see my ad?

Since metrics change month-to-month, see key metrics for BSN's email and web site via the 'View Stats' section on BSN's Services page.

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