Fungi Media

FUNGI Media creates visual content campaigns for marketing rockstars wanting to grow their audience, their message and their careers. Let's grow together because...growth is fun :)

What do we do?

Fungi Media is a full-service, script to screen video storytelling company. We do everything from messaging and writing to shooting, editing and final delivery.

Why Fungi?

People are making more and more videos, tons, loads, terabytes... because that’s what the people want. "WE WANT VIDEOS!!!" Plus the robots (Google, Facebook...etc) are promoting video content, putting it before anything else. But there’s a big problem...what?? Many of these videos are bland, confusing and frankly...boring. In a world full of shrinking attention spans, more isn't always a good thing. So what? How do you stand out from all this noise?

I'm Matt Cornelison and I started FUNGI Media to help grow your audience through visual storytelling. For over fifteen years I've worked with Fortune 500 companies like Grainger, USG, BMO bank, JLL and military organizations to bring their message to life through video. In that time, I've learned a few things.

  1. First, if you plan to reach more people, it's not enough to simply explain what you do. You have to create something people are excited to share. 
  2. Second, I've found that humor and humanity are the best ways to make meaningful connections with people. 

So why FUNGI? Because you want to grow your audience and your business. And because growth is fun :)

Contact: Matt Cornelison
Title: Founder/Producer
Phone: 773-750-0833
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