E-Power Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency Fixes Programs to Boost Performance and Multiply ROI

Since 1998, the team at E-Power Marketing has been committed to being the best possible online marketing agency. To us, that means we're delivering programs that drive measurable results, while making our clients' jobs easier.

Through the years we've grown our skills and fine-tuned our craft, to continue evolving as a powerful online marketing agency that delivers on our promises of long lasting results and unparalleled customer service. We are innovative in combining the power of various channels and techniques to forge highly effective online marketing programs, tuned to the unique objectives and needs of each client.

Our Core Values are Why E-Power Enjoys Long Lasting Client Relationships

Effective – Tangible and meaningful business results focused on strong ROI drive our strategies, with measurement regularly and clearly communicated to clients.

Pragmatic – Optimize the resources available. When resources are inadequate to be effective, we will inform the client of the reality of the situation.

Transparent – Clients know what we are doing. They have access to the data measuring results, along with E-Power providing the client the background to understand the data.

Ethical – We do not play games that will embarrass the client or create problems for the client down the road.

Contact: Larry Stopa
Title: President
Phone: 920-303-1244
Email: larry@epower.com
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