Barkada Circle®

At Barkada Circle®, content creation includes interviewing, writing, scripting and editing. Our approach is not simply to report facts or recount events. Effective storytelling helps readers to realize why they should care about the outcome and how they have an important role in it. We use words to transform readers into active participants in the story.

Content drives the audience to your website. Stories work if they are written with the end goal in sight. They must lead with impact and have a clear call to action.

Client Story:
"Pon has a unique and creative approach to the world of not-for-profit survival - he believes in the power of story to relay the depth and breadth of the organizations that he works with. I have observed his workshops with clients. He activates the audience to think deeply about their public message while simultaneously examining the inner core of their organization's mission. The results for participants are spirited conversations that offer tactical understanding of where they need to improve and compelling new thinking about their message to others." – Joanne Vena, Program Director at Changing Worlds

Barkada is a Filipino word that means "best friends". In this spirit, we aim to develop strong, long term partnerships with mission-driven organizations, such as foundations and associations, that work toward improving people’s lives in the communities they serve.

Contact: Pon Angara
Title: Principal
Phone: 773.852.3522
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