CAVUdesign, LLC

CAVUdesign (Carol Detwiler) is a graphic design and production art resource for the individual, small business, non-profit and multi-national company. Crafting meaningful and functional art is a passion of mine. Whether it is a brochure, product label, catalog, logo, instruction manual or line extension the same thought, care and commitment goes into each project. Accurate and brand-centered, Carol has worked on line extensions for Johnsonville, Whirlpool, Pentair, Culligan, Omnifilter, Filbur Manufacturing, AO Smith, PureRite and more. She has created logos for Czech Please, Great Marriages, Pretty Pier, Vision Financial and others.

Graphic Designer | Production Artist | Principal, CAVUdesign, LLC

Contact: Carol Detwiler
Title: Graphic Designer | Production Artist
Phone: 920-698-1418
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