The Johnston Group

Our lives and the world we live in are more complex than ever. We all have incredible demands on our time, our attention, our finances, and even our relationships. The hardest part of all is feeling like we have to go it alone.

Think of The Johnston Group as your outsourced manager or guidance counselor. Through regular coaching sessions, we will help you:

  • Identify your interests, skill sets, and roadblocks 
  • Develop actionable plans for driving career and personal growth 
  • Resolve complex workplace and interpersonal dilemmas

All of our coaching services are underscored by emotional intelligence training, which involves developing a fundamental understanding of what emotions are and a clear definition of our relationship with them. Through this process, you will develop strategies to adjust your perspective and make conscious decisions when you act or react.

This training is valuable for everyone: from individuals looking to improve their family lives and their interactions with friends, to employees looking to improve their interactions with coworkers and improve their job performance, to organizations seeking to reduce conflict, create a positive workplace culture and improve efficiency within their workforce.

Our professional development clients have received multiple job offers, found better roles at companies that better suit their needs, and have set themselves up for promotions in their current careers.

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Contact: Tom Johnston
Title: Founder & Lead Coach
Phone: 414-301-3422
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