We’re BrandDirections, a creative agency located in Neenah, Wisconsin that offers branding, packaging, and marketing services to companies large and small. We provide a brand sensitivity that you can only get from an agency partner. Our experienced professionals know how to determine the best tools, and most effective visuals and messaging to make your brand not only stand out but win in the marketplace.


Branding. We see branding as a process of defining what a company, product or service is to both the employees and to the marketplace. We help companies align and refresh their brands and protect their investment with brand guidelines. 

Packaging. At BrandDirections, packaging is not only our passion – it’s in our DNA. Since 1955, we’ve worked with consumer brands to bring their products to market. We’ve perfected the packaging process, from ideation to prepress, and have proven that we can save time and money without sacrificing quality.

Marketing. We believe marketing is about telling a brand story through selective channels to reach the desired audiences. We offer expertise in the areas of strategy, design and copy, digital and web, public relations, and social media. Having over 65 years of experience means we understand that businesses and organizations need solutions that are going to help them achieve their goals and win in the marketplace.


You’ll get a team who thinks strategically, creates differentiation, and always works to connect your brand and services with your customers.

Contact: Deborah Skowronski
Title: PR Manager
Phone: 920-886-7719
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