Salty Dog Media Solutions, LLC

Ahoy Matey! Salty dog?? say. The term “salty dog” is derived from old nautical slang, and aside from my love of boating, is defined as…one who is very experienced, a well seasoned captain of the sea who has seen his share of action. This salty dog has over 25 years at the helm of full service producing, directing and distributing a vast array of seaworthy presentations on DVD, CD, Video and the WEB. Are you searching the high seas for an able-bodied captain to pilot your next project with creative concepts, the right media to reach your audience, cost effective production techniques and the experience to deliver the final product, on time and on budget? If so, chart your course for success and smooth sailing with Salty Dog Media Solutions today!

Contact: Jim Brooks
Title: Producer/Director
Phone: 608-516-1539