Sheffield Marketing

Sheffield is a specialty agency that helps organizations find their story and creates compelling ways to package and tell it. That is our core expertise, and we’ve built a dedicated business around it. We think like journalists, listen for threads that hold a narrative together and create materials like videos, case studies and illustrations that creatively connect with people. It's a distinct skill set that is hard to find. We are always trying to perfect it.

We were started by two big agency veterans that got tired trying to push mountains of information that only made the problem get worse. We saw an emerging opportunity: organizations need a solid story to communicate the messages they all believe in and want to share. We help some companies unearth what they’ve buried in words. Other times, we connect the dots to draw a clearer picture.

Our specialty expertise gives us broad appeal. We have supported companies with both a business-to-business as well a business-to-consumer focus – Fortune 500 firms, government agencies, associations and entrepreneurial startups, even non profits and academic institutions.

Everyone wants a better story and a more compelling message – one that they can call their own. Sheffield helps them find it and gives them what they need to tell it. It’s your story, and our business.

Contact: Joseph McCormack
Title: Managing Director l Founder
Phone: 630-310-5190
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