The Silverman Group, Inc.

Now in its second decade, The Silverman Group, Inc. is a prominent Chicago-centric public relations boutique specializing in the arts and leisure fields - from theater, dance and music, to film, visual arts and hospitality. The Silverman Group is a collective of committed and passionate professionals who provide expert media relations and promotional assistance, not to mention valuable one-on-one counsel. The Silverman Group is a proud proponent of the city's impressive arts and entertainment offerings.

Having developed strong working relationships with countless media contacts in the Midwest and beyond, The Silverman Group is able to secure prominent exposure for its clients across a broad range of print and electronic vehicles, including the rapidly expanding social media network. Based on specific client goals, The Silverman Group can successfully reach out to both the mass media, reaching thousands (millions!) of viewers or readers, and more specific niche media, especially on-line, geared toward a more targeted audience.

Contact: Beth Silverman
Title: Founder & President
Phone: 312-932-9950
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