Layer One Media

Layer One Media is a place where walls come down and ideas build up. It's a place where creativity, ingenuity and Web evolution are not just encouraged, but required. Architecting, designing and building unique Web solutions is our passion and advancing brands online is our motivation. Here, it's a no fly zone for traditional marketing. Consumers are smarter and our sights are set on finding ways to create an irresistible brand that inspires them to make the first move and engage with the brand instead of the other way around.

We've made it our mission to assemble a team of the most creative, non-traditional, business minded thinkers we could dig up. The result is an innovative, highly caffeinated creative group driving to change the way the Web works for our clients by making it work for theirs.

Our core competencies are focused and deliberate. From strategy and ideation to award-winning creative and actionable audience intelligence, we will wrap your online brand in experience and nose-to-the-grindstone hard work. At Layer One Media, our team brings with them a powerful, time-tested methodology to projects. This proven approach allows us to gain the meaningful insights necessary to ensure that our ideas, our creative and our execution strike a chord with your target audience in an accountable and meaningful way.

Contact: Brody Buss
Title: President
Phone: 414-313-6863
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