barodine marketing communications

Stephen G. Barone is senior writer and first principal for barodine marketing communications. He specializes in developing online content architecture and information hierarchies for science, technology, engineering, medical, legal, financial, and similarly professional enterprises, both B-2-B and B-2-C.

Content Architecture is the process of organizing features & benefits in a way that’s meaningful, clear, and intuitive to your prospects—as well as to their influencers and other stakeholders. This means your website should be organized from the likely perspective of your customers, not the way your company is incidentally departmentalized.

Information hierarchy refers to how your website information is properly written and arranged:  Broadest and most important content comes first, which is usually your positioning statement. Subsequent content should be increasingly specific (e.g. points of differentiation). Optional content reinforces buyer decisions—before and after the sale.

Contact: Stephen Barone
Title: First Principal
Phone: 608-772-1576
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