Martec Research Center

Martec Research Center 

Martec Research Center is a full-service global research and consulting firm.  Established in 2003, Martec is a unique blend of research experience, the latest methodologies and technologies. While Martec's Green Bay office offers a beautiful and convenient focus group suite, focus groups can also be conducted globally. 

Market segments most often served include Business-to-Business, Medical, Technical, Utility, and Consumer Segments. Methodologies include, but are not limited to:

  •  Focus Groups
  •  One-on-One Interviews
  •  Ethnography
  •  Telephone
  •  Internet
  •  Mail
  •  Intercepts
  •  Mystery Shopping
  •  In-house Data Processing
  • Statistical Analysis and Graphs

Martec Research Center offers quality research with unsurpassed customer service.

Contact: Linda Segersin
Title: General Manager
Phone: 888-811-5755
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