StoryFirst Media

We're stewards of story. As a brand storytelling, film and video agency we work with brands to meet the critical need of today – to effectively and purposefully tell stories.

In a world where audiences have become the cultural gatekeepers, strong brands communicate their message in a way the public wants to receive it – through storytelling. As a unique collective of filmmakers and marketing professionals, we tell brand stories that entertain and engage. Opt-in audiences hold the power today, and our stories both embrace and respect their social mindset.

Our work is with large and small businesses, as well as agencies and creative firms needing to meet their clients visual content needs. And, we do feature film projects too!

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” -- Robert McKee

Contact: David Neelsen
Title: Principal | Producer
Phone: 608-576-0174
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