414 Photography

As a photographer my mission is to not just take pictures. I want to change minds, bring stories to light and have the work I create "do something." Though being able to repeatedly execute is something I pride myself on, I am not the kind of photographer that treats photography like ordering off a menu. Because it’s a representation of you, your brand, your product these are so much more than “just pictures”. My goal is to craft an image that represents that something that motivates you so you can showcase it to the world.

Everything and everyone has a story. While some photo sessions only require just a camera, and others need a truck full of grip and lighting equipment, all sessions have a story to tell. From the intern’s first headshot at the new company, a tool & die mold for a piece of medical equipment that took months to perfect, that tech startup just getting off the ground, or the CEO that is making change in our community every photo has a story and I want to be there to tell it. Feel free to message me directly at Hello@andrewfeller.com

Contact: Andrew Feller
Title: Photographer
Phone: 414-217-5074
Email: hello@andrewfeller.com
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