Kismet By Design | Janelle Jordan

With more than a decade of award-winning experience as an Art Director and Graphic Designer, I'm well-versed in my field, but never stop learning and refining my craft.

I have worked with a diverse group of business categories, from large corporate entities to nonprofit organizations to startup companies of one. My designs have appeared in identity packages, newspapers, magazines, annual reports... on product packaging, billboards, buses and vehicles, websites, trade show booths, model home displays... in design annuals, and the list goes on.

I seek to create powerful, yet natural visual destinies for brands, products, concepts and services. Combining beautiful imagery with a solid marketing plan allows my designs to be animated with a sense of kismet... creating your destiny in design.

I can offer you agency-quality print, digital and web design without the corporate price tag. Check out my portfolio and then contact me with your design needs!

Contact: Janelle Jordan
Title: Art Director, Graphic Designer
Phone: 904-238-0210
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