Woychick Design

Since 1989, we have worked with mission-driven organizations on research, strategy, and the implementation of campaigns to raise awareness, inspire donors, increase understanding, and move people to action. We help make great ideas happen.

Our work is characterized by rigorous inquiry that helps us form a more holistic view of the organizations we work with. We believe that successful outcomes are built on a deep understanding of an organization’s people, traditions, and audiences. Our process is time-tested and scalable to work with clients of all sizes and complexity, and ensures that all recommendations are based on context, not conjecture.

Our depth of experience is demonstrated in our work, our methods, and our results. We get results because:

• We are experienced in guiding clients from Point A to Point B – and helping them define what Point A and Point B are.

• We help our clients tell compelling stories that are designed to reach specific audiences and move them to action.

• We ask diagnostic questions that help us understand the challenge and recognize opportunities to advance the mission.

Contact: Dan Woychick
Title: Creative Director
Phone: 612-825-5400
Email: dan@woychickdesign.com
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