Edwards & Company is a collective of innovative and passionate thinkers skilled in branding, design, retail and advertising.

We look for extraordinary ideas and new ways to outdo your competition. We define, research, ideate, create, choose, execute and learn. That’s design thinking. And it results in that “a-ha moment.” You know, the one where hazy suddenly becomes clear.

As a collective, we’re an alternative to the standard agency model. Edwards & Company is for clients who only want to pay for the people they need at any given moment. (Shouldn’t that be every client?) Whether your project needs just me, a writer and me, or a team of many, you’ll be staffed correctly (and charged appropriately).

Interested in seeing how our design thinking can elevate your brand?




Contact: Bruce Edwards
Title: Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Phone: 952-484-5092
Email: bruce@edwards-company.com
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