Kampf Theis Illustration & Design

With passion for the arts, outdoor activity, and caregiving, Sandra Theis has combined her professional and personal interests into a business that reflects the beauty of nature and gentle side of life. The subject matter of Sandra’s sensitive illustrations includes the people and organizations with whom she’s worked and volunteered throughout her career – children, animals, aging and disabled adults, the environment, and education. Following her early studies and career in counseling and activities leadership, Sandra’s innate creative talent led her to pursue a degree in graphic design. Today, she fuses traditional art skills and techniques with current technologies to…

  • ILLUSTRATE children’s books, newspaper and magazine editorials, and website articles
  • DESIGN postcards, invitations, business cards, brochures, and posters

For each assignment, Sandra solves visual problems by providing images that engage, inspire, communicate, and enrich the sender’s original concept. Sandra also applies her ingenuity and organizational abilities to volunteering in design, advertising, and social service organizations. From serving on three committees of AIGA Minnesota, the professional association for design, to executive roles with American Advertising Federation of Central Minnesota and other regional service groups, she offers her time, ideas, and boundless energy.

Contact Sandra with the information above, to hire her for your next publication, promotion, or greeting card project.

Contact: Sandra Theis
Title: Owner/Creative Director
Phone: 320-493-7038
Email: sandraktheis@gmail.com
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