Traction Factory

We have the world’s shortest mission statement:


It’s the inspiration behind our name. It’s what drives us.

And it’s what we offer our clients – through many different forms. From advertising campaigns to full corporate rebranding. Digital and social media to mobile marketing and internal engagement. Even the stuff other creative agencies don’t want to dirty their hands with, like event marketing. Trade show design. And complete support through every internal and external sales channel.

Let us quantify what that can mean. Last year, we helped generate more than one billion dollars in revenue for our clients.

And it didn’t happen by attending only the “important” client meetings.

It’s a result of immersing ourselves in every facet of our clients’ business, serving as a business development partner – not just a typical marketing agency.

If you’re looking for a traditional agency/client relationship, we’re likely not a good fit.

But if you’re open to an agency who’s not afraid to challenge you when we feel strongly about something, who’s staffed by enthusiastic, A-team creatives and strategists who have a track record of growing business, and who will do whatever it takes to create all-important momentum, please contact us.

Contact: Scott Bucher
Title: Business Development Specialist/President
Phone: 414.944.0900
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