Lift Reputation Advisors

Someone once said, "Everything you do and say is public relations." In the digital era, where one tweet or misstatement can leave you wide open to interpretation, a thoughtful, transparent approach to your communications strategy can be a competitive advantage.

We are a public relations (PR) consultancy helping businesses advance and protect their reputations. Our experienced team understands what an important asset a positive reputation can be and how a negative reputation can become a drag on the business.

Lift Reputation Advisors helps companies of all sizes develop charitable giving, social responsibility, cause marketing, community relations, thought leadership, issues management and crisis communications programs that build and sustain reputation while driving business results.

Oh, by the way, we also can help share your story through traditional and digital channels.

Although we don’t claim to be industry disruptors or to have that secret sauce to send your brand awareness into the next stratosphere, we can honestly say that after decades in PR working with industry leaders and small businesses alike, we know what we’re doing. Visit us at to learn more.

Contact: Mary Brophy
Title: Principal
Phone: 414-429-6180
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