I’m a designer, brand enthusiast and fine artist who’s passionate about relationships - relationships between people and also between them and the brands they use. I love the crucial role that design plays in those relationships, and I love understanding what drives people...what inspires them...what motivates them to do what they do. When I approach a project, what matters most is the design achieving its purpose and getting results. The best way to get there is by fostering strong partnerships; listening well, asking questions and not settling for status-quo. A combination of agency, in-house and freelance experience has given me a multi-dimensional perspective on the design process. I’ve learned that the right mix of analysis + creativity, functionality + beauty, and diplomacy + transparency is essential for work that has lasting impact. Although I welcome the challenge of learning independently, I thrive as part of team - one that works hard and has fun along the way. Whether it be initial strategy or final production, I see the value in each stage of a project and am motivated by playing a part in shared success.

SPECIALTIES: Design • Branding • Presentations • Training • Illustration • Photography • Live Art

STRENGTHS FINDER: Developer • Includer • Restorative • Responsibility • Empathy

Contact: Brianna Johnson
Title: Graphic Designer/Owner
Phone: 262.358.2988
Email: brianna@wordplusdesign.com
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