Mangold Creative

So, this is where the story starts, right? The first impression. A great vibe. A message that really resonates. A website, a brochure, a brand, a sales person that catches the customer’s interest. The ability to build a great marketing and sales plan and then execute the tactics on time, on budget, and still have a little fun along the way.

That’s our goal.

People often ask us who our ideal client is… whether we prefer to work with small- to mid-sized businesses, firms who are growing but don’t have a dedicated marketing team, a business owner who needs help managing a sales force, large organizations who have a tough marketing project to tackle, or a gung-ho new startup entrepreneur. They ask if we like to build marketing and sales strategies for manufacturing, healthcare, professional services, retail, construction, finance, hospitality, non-profit, technology, or service oriented businesses. They want to know if we prefer small business, big business, micro business, or something in-between. Really, we love them all.

Why? Because the problems in business are pretty universal. It’s finding that unique fit where we are partners – all on the same team tackling the challenges together – so you can grow your organization, focus on your mission and provide excellent service along the way.

That’s our passion.

Contact: Heather Mangold
Title: Owner
Phone: 2624460688
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