Front Room Photography

We help build brands, tell stories and drive messages that allow our clients to hit their goals. Our team of talented photographers, videographers and customer service gurus create an experience for our clients where we deliver high quality content every time. Our studios are based in the Bayview neighborhood of Milwaukee, just south of downtown. But we work with clients all over Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Midwest, America and the world!

We are passionate about moving businesses forward. So we work with anyone who shares that passion. From small startups to Fortune 500 companies. From interns and assistants to C-Suite executives, we love to partner with your whole team. Everyone has their own part in the story of your organization. Telling those stories within the parameters of your brand with photography and videography is what we love to do. Front Room has been in business in Milwaukee for over 20 years. Our experience has generated expertise that our clients benefit from. We can tackle difficult lighting situations, tough locations, tight timelines and can advise our clients on how to handle planning, scheduling and executing a photo shoot for success on their end.

Contact: Niki Bartelt
Title: Office Manager
Phone: 414-294-0080
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