Account Executive

DDB Chicago

We have a simple belief — Unexpected Works. It means that the best idea is the one you never saw coming. The thing that catches you so off guard that you can‘t look away. And the only path to genuinely unexpected works is through creativity. Not just what passes for creativity because it answers a brief, looks thepartand helps everyone sleep at night. But creativity that is foreign,surprising and interesting enough to cause jaws to drop and sales to soar. It’s having the fresh perspective and raw energy to bring something into the world that no one’s ever seen before. We’re talking about the courage to shake things up and maybe even tear a few things down. And knowing that what most would call the finish line is where the real work starts. We believe in people, product, and profit, in that order. For us, people always come first. They’re the soul of our agency. It takes amazing folks to make amazing work. That’s why we make sure everyone who comes through the door is as great as the people who are already here. It’s also why we constantly strive to build diverse teams where everyone brings something unique to the table. Because you can’t make the unexpected if you only work with the usual suspects. By bringing together diverse thinkers with different backgrounds and perspectives, we validate Bill Bernbach’s notion that an idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it. So, come be part of the magic.

Position Details

Account Executive
Chicago Illinois
Chicago, IL

The Account Executive is responsible for the day-to-day execution and management of the Agency and client’s projects. This position will report to an Account Director. We are a high-functioning team that expects our team members to be, passionate, creatively driven and analytically curious about the industry, our work, and our team.


  • Builds trusting relationships based on credibility and respect with your internal team, your client counterparts and other agencies. 
  • Has superior project management skills with a strategic mindset. 
  • Is a team player; contributing and volunteering above and beyond normal duties. 
  • Comfortable with data and analytics; curious about measurement and focused on producing results for our client. 
  • Active listener to client perceptions and can anticipate questions and needs and then take action. 
  • Ability to analyze information and synthesize it into meaningful and actionable direction for team members 
  • Unafraid to challenge the status-quo asking questions, seeking to understand, making the work and team stronger. 
  • Works well under pressure, remains calm and professional. 
  • Balances Agency POV while also serving as the client advocate during internal discussions and meetings. 
  • Not afraid to seek advice and help from supervisor or team when needed. 
  • A problem solver who can use facts and ideas as it relates to the creative development process. 
  • Organized and disciplined to move projects from kickoff to delivery, keeping stakeholders informed and consulted, resulting in timely and accurate deliverables.
  • 2-3 years of professional experience in Marketing/Advertising. 
  • Proven experience in effective project management. 
  • Strong facilitation/presentation skills, both in preparing materials required and in delivery. 
  • Excellent written skills. 
  • Solution-oriented, assertive and resilient. 
  • Readiness for personal responsibility. 
  • Strong time management skills.

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