Account Executive


Our passion is animal agriculture. Our business is marketing. Combined you get unlimited opportunity and impact.

Position Details

Account Executive
Southwest Wisconsin
Madison, WI


Support and execute strategies to help move client businesses forward.

How We Get It Done:

Support and Build Strong Client Relationships

  • Knowledge and awareness of each client/brand/company – industry, market conditions, pain points, messages, competitors, goals, etc. 
  • Get to know clients as human beings (hobbies, interests, family, etc.) 
  • In-depth knowledge of Filament services/capabilities 
  • Coordinate timely and successful delivery of planned activities 
  • Demonstrate value by sharing thoughts and insights 

Be an Account Executive Superstar

  • Coordinate, support and execute a variety of marketing efforts 
  • Gather insights from product/market research 
  • Awareness of and advocate for client’s goals and objectives in execution 
  • Provide accurate estimates for time and resources to coordinate projects 
  • Prioritize timely updates and proactively communicate project status and next steps to client and team members 
  • Anticipate client needs and potential set-backs; proactively address and find solutions to challenges or issues that arise 
  • Manage time and hard costs to deliver the most value to the client 
  • Collaborate and consult with internal and external partners 
  • Set timelines and identify steps needed to move project forward 
  • Monitor, review, and report on all marketing activity, impact and results 
  • Understand and utilize analytics to make impactful, research-backed recommendations 

Support and Participate

  • Support, encourage and show appreciation for all team members 
  • Proactively share ideas, thoughts and comments; challenge thinking 
  • Tap into subject area experts


  • Experienced with project management software and programs 
  • Experienced with project management tools (Gantt charts, timeline plug-in, etc.) 
  • Organized and task-focused 
  • Driven to gather and understand data and information 
  • Identifies action items and next steps 
  • Can prioritize and delegate 
  • Confident in asking questions 
  • Problem solver and risk assessment 
  • Active listener 
  • Collaborator 
  • Maximize efficiency and workflow 
  • Clear written and verbal communicator 
  • Time manager 


  • I believe relationships are built with human interaction 
  • I work independently and together 
  • I am hungry for constructive feedback 
  • I am all-in 
  • I put myself in the client’s, their customer’s and my team’s shoes 
  • I see the value even the smallest, mundane tasks add to the bigger picture 
  • I am an organization ninja 
  • I look in front of me as far as I can see – always proactive and planning ahead 
  • I am a communicator – at any given time, my entire team knows what is going on 
  • I follow up and follow through

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