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RocketLawnchair, Inc.

About Us:

We make very personal commitments to our clients. They have gaps that get in the way of growth and awesome things. We commit to step in, figure things out, fill those gaps and help build a bridge to sustainable growth and happiness.

Sound nice? It’s actually way better than that – but it’s not simple. We’re looking for people who thrive in uncertainty and like to be rewarded for sleuthing things out. It's not easy to get a job here, but it's worth trying.

If you're looking for something a little different, we hope you drop us a line. And, we just moved downtown into a really great environment–it’ll be worth it just to see the new space.

Position Details

Account Management
Southeast Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

The Position:

In this case, we’re looking for someone who has the experience of a product or marketing manager for a major company, but just didn’t like the corporate culture. Someone who would like just enough freedom to take a risk that might make all the difference. The kind of person who doesn’t need it all mapped out, because they know the truth – there is no map.

We really aren’t big into titles, but the best category we have is Account Management. Please don’t let typical agency definitions dissuade you.


The Account Manager is almost a “plant" in our clients’ worlds. You help them fill gaps, think like them and sometimes think for them. But you are far from alone – we surround our clients with four teams:

  • Account Management
  • Market Intelligence
  • Creative
  • Technical

We do this, because individuals almost never get to the right answer, yet teams of people that see the world from different perspectives are seldom wrong. But they need a leader – You!

We expect you to be accountable for:

  • Growth of your clients’ business
  • Growth of your relationship with clients
  • Developing and implementing strategic plans–and adjusting as needed
  • Understanding client relationships (who are key players, influencers)
  • Working with project managers to ensure execution is being handled
  • Maintaining all daily activities for your accounts and coordinating regular status meetings with clients (offsite or onsite)
  • Having a solid understanding of the creative process, including writing an effective creative brief and directing the production team
  • Forecasting projections tied to pipeline objectives Keeping up with industry trends and how they affect a client’s business


  • Someone who gets it. (Typically, this requires both corporate and creative experience – and that usually takes a few years.)
  • Ability to work with multiple levels within an organization (President/CEO to Marketing Coordinators) and to identify decision-makers within the sales process
  • Healthcare and manufacturing experience a plus, but not required
  • Digital media (marketing automation, website, etc.) experience a plus, but not required
  • Producer/Driver – gets results
  • Problem solver, enjoys figuring out puzzles to build what is possible
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Collaborative, contributes to group/team effort to achieve a common goal
  • Flexible
  • Enjoys light travel and going to the client’s location, not just a “desk person”

Competitive compensation package - Benefits include health, dental, vision, life, disability profit-sharing, and 401(K).

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