Account Manager + Social Media Guru

Rippe Keane Marketing

We are Rippe Keane Marketing. We didn’t just show up to the dance. We’ve been here since 1996, when the dance probably featured an inordinate amount of Celine Dion. Not our fault. By most measures, we’re one of southern Wisconsin’s leading full-service marketing firms. The measure that means the most to us is that industry-leading clientspartner with us for 5, 10, 20 years at a crack. This either means we’re really good at what we do or we’re not charging enough. We are so very proud of our amazing team, a group of talented people that work cohesively, creatively and together are larger than the sum of the parts.

Position Details

Account Manager + Social Media Guru
Southwest Wisconsin
Madison, WI

Account Managers play a key role at Rippe Keane Marketing – working directly with clients, agency principals and in-house colleagues to create and execute strategies that deliver real results. Increasingly, those results rely on a strong social media presence with engaging content that supports client brands. So we’re not looking for just any Account Manager; we’re holding out for one that knows how social media helps to advance clients’ larger marketing objectives.

The special, top-of-the-pile candidate will have at least 3 years’ experience working directly with clients in either an agency or corporate setting, and will have demonstrable skills in creating and deploying compelling social content.

Rippe Keane Marketing offers a great compensation package with benefits and perks, an award-winning office space with amazing views, and a great opportunity to grow your career in a fun, team-oriented environment that frequently includes language your mother would have grounded you for.

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