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Hello from Ciceron. Nice to meet you. Just a little bit about ourselves:

As one of the very first pure digital agencies in the US, Ciceron continues to thrive by fusing our work directly to the needs and desires of our clients’ customers. We recognize that everyday people, not only marketers, are fully involved in co-creating powerful brand experiences through their connections and content. These myriad touchpoints create powerful sources of data that inform our work, fuel client growth, and allow us to be more honest, nimble, and smarter at each and every step.

For the past 25 years, Ciceron has been dedicated to being advocates for our clients by serving as their “Cicerones” in digital marketing. Cicerones are, by definition, “trusted and masterful guides who navigate complex journeys, ensuring a safe arrival at a destination for their clients.” Unlike many traditional agencies who take their clients on often magical journeys and unfortunately end up in a destination far from where they need to be, Ciceron is keenly focused on leading its clients to where their customers need them to be. Digital is a customer-driven environment, and our work must serve their interests.

Oh, and we win awards. And our clients actually say they love us.

Position Details

Account Manager
Twin Cities Metro
Minneapolis, MN

Now, on to you. This is the Cicerone account leader we are looking for:

The Role: These are the qualities and strengths we expect for the Account Manager role to support your Account Director, your Ciceron teams, and your clients:

  • You are a digital-first thinker. 
  • You understand the value of Data + Media + Creative working together for highest energy outcomes for your clients. 
  • You know how to and understand the importance of establishing trust. 
  • You have the ability to adapt as needed. 
  • You may support your account director or in some cases serve as the leader on various client projects and thus must demonstrate an ability to organize workload and workflow. 
  • You partner closely with internal teams (strategy, creative, media, data, technology, project management) to provide perspective and recommendations to clients. 
  • You fully and independently own your responsibilities and deliverables. 
  • You help gather information and clear obstacles in order to deliver great work. 
  • You enjoy learning. 
  • You lead by example. 
  • You establish clear objectives and day-to-day priorities for yourself. 
  • You regularly communicate with your teams and management. 
  • You know how to listen. And you are able to use this talent to effectively translate unique insights and perspectives into inspiring ideas, frameworks and solutions. 
  • You understand that success is the result of teamwork. You utilize sound judgement. You know what the right thing to do is and you do it, no matter how hard that may be. And on those rare days when you’re not sure—you ask. 
  • Your energy and talent makes everyone around you better.

As the Account Manager, your responsibilities could include, but (of course) are not limited to supporting your Account Director and your Ciceron teams in these key areas:

  • Serve as the North Star to keep an eye on the business strategy of the client at all times. 
  • Enjoy building relationships with various roles within the clients’ organization and continue to find new paths to explore. 
  • Serve as the internal contact liaison between the client and strategy, data, media, and creative teams. 
  • Receive and provide all client direction, questions, and relevant information to teams. 
  • Collaborate with project management to drive and influence the project process from initial briefing through implementation. 
  • Author comprehensive and inspirational project and creative briefs. 
  • Ensure alignment with briefs, account strategy, and understanding of client issues. 
  • Determine “readiness” of work for presentations with the strategy, data, media, and creative teams prior to sending to clients or other partners. 
  • Ensure smooth transition of the strategic process to the implementation process. 
  • Organize content, flow and materials with strategy, data, media, and creative teams to create a compelling presentation and best representation of Ciceron. 
  • Support client relationships that encourage mutual respect and trust that align with the Ciceron Values. 
  • Deliver concise, accurate and actionable accounts of meetings and discussions. 
  • Help develop proposals, budgets, and reconciliations for all project activity on assigned accounts. 
  • Review financial performance against approved retainers or SOWs. 
  • Help manage project deliverables and generate Change Orders for out of scope work. 
  • Understanding of and ability to articulate Ciceron’s core services and product offerings. 
  • Support in the development of case studies, business development decks and proposals as requested.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or related experience 
  • 3-5 years of experience in the account management and/or agency space 
  • Direct experience with clients 
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 
  • Experience with digital marketing and paid media

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