Admissions/Marketing Director

Eastbrook Academy

Eastbrook Academy is a K4-12 college preparatory school for families fromdiverse backgrounds desiring a rigorous classical education in a lovingenvironment committed to Christian living. Small class sizes ensure individual attention. Since 1998,students have received a strong foundation academically and spiritually, going on to find success at area high schools, as well as, Eastbrook Academy High School. Eastbrook Academy seniors have received 100% college acceptance and annual total scholarships and grants of more than $1 million each year. Alumni can be found at colleges and universities throughout the country including Washington University, Wheaton College and the University of Wisconsin system schools.

Position Details

Admissions/Marketing Director
Southeast Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

Have you decided to dedicate your life to God's work? Are you looking to use your professional experience for God's Kingdom? If so, contact us if your skills, gifts and purpose align with our mission. EBA Mission Statement: Eastbrook Academy exists to support families from diverse backgrounds in the academic and spiritual development of their children for college preparation and life.

The Academy is founded to impart a rigorous classical education in a loving environment committed to Christian living. The Admissions Director is the guardian of the value proposition of Eastbrook Academy. This role oversees the recruitment, retention, and enrollment of incoming and returning students, and participates in Board committee assignments for Marketing.

Position Responsibilities:

Directs and implements the recruitment process for new students.

  • Develops a comprehensive recruitment plan each year that includes long-term goals, annual milestones and specific strategies for the recruitment of students. 
  • Serves as the project leader for major initiatives to accomplish long-term and annual goals. 
  • Maintains accurate knowledge of all EBA academic and extracurricular offerings. 
  • Ensures that the admissions team is producing excellent quality that reflects the EBA brand. 
  • Convene Admissions Committee for applicant assessment review and acceptance determination. 
  • Conducts yearly school visits in September and October to key Milwaukee area feeder schools, showcasing the benefits of an EBA education. 
  • Selects, recruits and trains parent liaisons and student ambassadors. 
  • Identifies key families at each school for cultivation by the Head of School. 
  • Develops and implements the EBA tour process for prospective families 
  • Develops and implements the annual Open House plan and strategy. 
  • Manages international student recruitment process 
  • Manages administrative assistant to ensure completion of the admissions process.

Coordinate parent communications, mailings, information/documentation collection

  • Follow up with families as needed. 
  • Manage student discounts, financial aid program, student retention, and International School Enrollment. 
  • Function as the Confirming Official: reviewing all applications for verification. 
  • Provides regular reports to the Head of School.

Directs the admissions and enrollment processes.

  • Sets meeting times and procedures for the Admissions Team. 
  • Prepares completed application files for review. 
  • Implements all Admissions Team decisions. 
  • Oversees the notification process for admissions decisions. 
  • Develops a timely, thorough and flexible registration process for new students in conjunction with the academy leadership. 
  • Develops the calendar of orientation activities. 
  • Tracks enrollment and retention numbers on an ongoing basis. Provides feedback to School Head. 
  • Coordinates and communicates with the School Heads to assist in utilizing school activities in the recruitment and enrollment process of admissions. 
  • Develop effective shadow days that serve as an effective marketing tool. 
  • Select a target enrollment with Head of School. Oversees all aspects of new student tuition management 
  • Creating financial aid and tuition payment timelines in conjunction with the business office and communicating with prospective families. 
  • Recommends academic scholarship candidates to the Admissions Committee. 
  • Complete all necessary training pertaining to the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program and Wisconsin Parental Choice Program. 
  • Oversees with Compliance Coordinator Choice program requirements and mandated by the State and the Eastbrook Academy Board. 
  • Work with business office to develop financial aid management tool.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Required:

  • Ability to work a flexible schedule, including evenings and weekends.
  • Ability to articulate a plan and marketing strategy for enrollment growth.
  • Exceptional ability in working with students and their families.
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve goals, influence others and meet deadlines.
  • Experience working with and utilizing a database.
  • Ability to communicate creatively and articulately with a variety of constituents.
  • Experience in public speaking.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.
  • Ability to work with volunteers.
  • Exceptional organizational and communication skills, both verbal and written.

Education and Experience:

  • Experience in student recruitment and/or marketing. 
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution required. 
  • Familiarity with Milwaukee and Wisconsin Parental Choice programs preferred.

Physical Requirements:

  • Office work, majority of time is seated at a desk.

Spiritual Requirements:

Currently a member in good standing of a church. Unreserved acceptance of EBA’s Statement of Faith. A strong, clear Christian testimony. A mature Godly spirit. A person of faith and prayer, with a growing, living personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. Recognize the ministry of the school as an outreach of the church. Eastbrook Academy employees are expected to be professional at all times. Professional dress (at least business casual) is expected. Language and behavior should always provide a positive role model for the young people we serve. Confidential information regarding staff, students, and parents is to be held in the highest confidence. All employees agree to seek understanding of, and to reflect in thought, word and action, the policies and goals of Eastbrook Academy as set forth by the Board of Directors, the school brochures, memoranda, handbook and the Head of the Academy.

The salary for this position is $40,000 with medical, dental, vision, and life insurance.

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