Assistant Account Executive

FCB Chicago


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Assistant Account Executive
Chicago Illinois
Chicago, IL

the second in command. the info gatherer. the detail hound.

Assistant Account Executive

At FCB Chicago, the Assistant Account Executive is the relief pitcher. A person who can be called upon to help with any and every part of the account team’s day-to-day activities—from planning to completion. We want someone who thinks an accomplishment isn’t an accomplishment unless it is done on time and accurately. We want a person who can support senior account personnel by acting as an additional connection between the agency and the client without being just a second fiddle. We want idea people. We’re looking to meet the folks who challenge the status quo.

the position:

  • Contributes ideas…daily Leads projects. 
  • Initiates projects. 
  • Thrives on making things happen 
  • Analyzes, prepares and organizes all account materials including presentations, research, schedules, estimates, creative and billing 
  • Ensures all scheduling is adhered to and that deliverables are met 
  • Monitors project results, timelines and budgets. Always asks ‘how can we make this better?’ 
  • Builds meaningful relationships with team members and clients 
  • Works with creatives to understand the ‘why’ behind the work and provides feedback 
  • Remains up to date on industry and consumer trends 
  • Learns, observes and asks questions…and takes a ton of notes

the personality:

  • Ambitious and not afraid to take the wheel when asked 
  • Client service-oriented 
  • Enjoys the pressure of problem solving in a fast-paced environment 
  • Effective oral/written communication, mathematical and organizational skills

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