Assistant Director of Recruitment and Marketing

UW-Milwaukee, College of Letters & Science

The College of Letters & Science (L&S) is the largest academic unit at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is the home to all of the programs that are traditionally categorized as the liberal arts and sciences. L&S offers more than 80 different undergraduate majors and programs and more than 30 graduate programs; more information about our undergraduate programs, which is the focus of this position, can be found at Approximately one-third of the student body earns their degree from L&S.

Position Details

Assistant Director of Recruitment and Marketing
Southeast Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

The Assistant Director for Recruitment and Marketing is responsible for the strategy and implementation of all initiatives that promote the College’s academic programs to prospective undergraduate students and their parents.

The Assistant Director for Recruitment and Marketing is responsible for the strategy and implementation of all initiatives that promote the College’s academic programs to prospective undergraduate students and their parents. This will include, but is not limited to: daily campus visits, off-campus site visits, phone and email inquiries, telephone campaigns, mail campaigns, email campaigns, web sites, advertising, social media, and special events. The primary metric for success of the person in this position is the quantity and quality of applicants, admits and matriculated students from year-to-year.

The Assistant Director will be a public face of the College for high school students, prospective transfer students and their families and support systems such as high school teachers and counselors. S/he will have direct contact with these individuals, providing information and advice through in-person, telephone, mail, email and social media communications. S/he will also take the lead on all large presentations on behalf of the College’s academic programs.

The Assistant Director must be able to organize and retrieve a large amount of information about the entire scope of Letters & Science, as well as the admissions and financial aid process, and be an enthusiastic ambassador for the College. S/he will be responsible for writing and creating marketing copy for use in all types of marketing channels, including mailers, web sites, social media, and print. S/he must exercise good judgment and exceptional problem-solving skills to address complex admissions situations, finding solutions that adhere to UWM policies and procedures and that are in the student’s best interest.

An Admissions Counselor reports to this position, and the Assistant Director will direct his/her daily activities to align with strategic goals. The Assistant Director will also assess his/her work and provide appropriate feedback.

Sample duties for the Assistant Director include, but are not limited to:

  • Present information on our natural science majors to 200 high school students and their teachers.
  • Analyze a prospective transfer student’s transcript and advise him on the credits that will and won’t transfer and which Letters & Science program would best match his interests.
  • Design a postcard mailing campaign targeting high-achieving admitted students, including writing the content, using a database to generate a mailing list, coordinating with a graphic designer, and managing labeling and postage.
  • Keep accurate and detailed records about outreach efforts and analyze the data to assess the results of each marketing initiative in order to change programming as warranted.
  • Design and place Google ads to geographically target older adult students seeking an online degree completion program.
  • Represent Letters & Science on campus-wide committee that discusses all-day visit programs for admitted students.
  • Collaborate with faculty partners to engage them in contacting admitted students.

Ideal candidates are interested in a fast-paced, high-demand role with extensive interaction with people of all ages and from all types of backgrounds. Occasional night and weekend work is required.

Required minimum qualifications include:

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Three years of experience in college student advising, student recruitment (high school or college), marketing of any type, or a combination of any of these three areas.
  • As shown through the required submission of marketing samples, documented experience writing informational/persuasive text that has been used for marketing/promotional purposes.

Preferred qualifications include:

  • A completed Master’s degree in marketing, public relations, higher education administration, communication, or related field.
  • Professional work experience in a college or university setting. Additional consideration will be given to candidates if that professional work experience is in advising, student recruitment, and/or marketing.
  • Experience using a customer relations database such as Saleforce, SageACT!, OnContact, Radius, or Business Intelligence to enter data, research data, and extract reports.
  • Experience using an HTML email marketing program such as Constant Contact, MyEmma or iContact to create, send, and analyze email marketing campaigns.
  • Experience creating, placing and analyzing online advertisements on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Instagram.
  • Experience supervising one or more professional staff members (not student workers).
  • Experience planning and managing small and large events.
  • Experience using WordPress to create and update web pages.
  • Experience making presentations to audiences ranging in size from 10 to 300.
  • High-quality writing skills as demonstrated through all of the application materials.

The salary range for this position is $50,000 to $55,000 annually.

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