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Smart Real Estate Coach

At Smart Real Estate Coach, we empower individuals and families to create the life of their dreams. We encourage aspiring investors and entrepreneurs to take the first step towards creating REAL income with real estate.

After many years of coaching and constantly doing deals himself independently, Chris Prefontaine founded Smart Real Estate Coach in 2014, bringing in his son Nick, daughter Kayla, and son-in-law Zachary as the company began to grow. The family team coaches investors on how to properly scale and automate their businesses throughout North America — all without using their own cash, credit, or taking out bank loans to buy property. Our team buys and sells homes in our own market every month. We then mentor, coach, and consult students and Associates all around North America to do the exact same thing. We stay current because we’re in the trenches ourselves.

Smart Real Estate Coach is made up of several media properties, including coaching and mentorship programs, a YouTube channel, a podcast, several annual live events, a series of fully online self-guided courses with 100+ videos and more. Through our collection of self-guided video programs, group coaching, and one-on-one consulting, we teach these business owners to STOP building a company for someone else and start working on taking control of their own financial future. Our family team teaches them:

  • How to set up the necessary foundation for a successful real estate business: our vendors, virtual systems, lead generation, and more.
  • How to potentially generate the number of leads you’ll need to allow you to accomplish the goals you seek financially.
  • How to find the best properties in your area and not fight over deals with other investors due to the unique techniques within our niche.
  • How to buy a gorgeous home for yourself without a loan or making a down payment.
  • How to create 3 paydays per deal vs. getting paid once like a wholesaler of flipper.
  • The different ways to buy homes without your cash or credit and still profit between $45,000-$200,000 per deal with all 3 paydays.
  • …and much, much more!

Between our existing Associates across North America (which we’ve dubbed the “Wicked Smart Community”) and our own deals, we’re still completing 12-15 deals every month and control, as of now, tens of millions of dollars’ worth of real estate with little to no money down. If you’re serious about making money in the world of real estate investment, then team up with the family business that gets results!

Position Details

Brand Manager
Chicago Illinois
Chicago, IL

We truly consider our team and our community to be our extended family. So, when you come to work at Smart Real Estate Coach, it’s more than just joining a family business — it’s joining a family! You’ve more than likely heard of “family values” before. To us, those are more than just words. These are the 5 core values at our company:

We constantly innovate and improve

Our company can never outgrow our team members. There’s not one member of our team who isn’t constantly learning something that will impact the way they perform their job and contribute to our overall mission. We have both team trainings and individual trainings to work on skills that you believe will be beneficial to your performance.

We complete all transactions with the highest integrity

Whether you’re talking about our own real estate transactions, dealings with Associates, or business we conduct with vendors and sponsors – all of those are followed-through on with the utmost honor and sincerity.

We match effort for effort

With both our team members and our Associates, we always put the same level of effort and energy into our interactions that they’re giving. You should know, on our end, we’re always giving 100% — so be prepared to do the same.

We are clear, blunt, and to the point – no gray area

Everything is always presented at face value. We don’t tiptoe around issues or sugarcoat bad news. Instead, we keep information concise, direct, and out in the open, so we can face problems head on, overcome them, and move upward – always for the betterment of everyone involved. This isn’t an excuse to be confrontational, instead it’s a way to trim the fat in a conversation and get to the root of any speed bumps that might be keeping us from driving towards excellence.

Team over ME

You’ll never hear anyone at our company say something like, “…but I have to,” or “I don’t have time.” We’re all busy and we’re all going 100 mph towards the next checkpoint, while still recognizing that there are things that will come up that can’t be put off or ignored. If you’re willing to work towards building a team while also building yourself, you’re in the right place.

Your four Primary Responsibilities will be:

1. Crafting our image on social media.

Our social media strategy, to this point, has been very simplistic and we’re looking for someone like you to put a creative stamp on these accounts. We could hire anyone to simply share videos or content that we’ve created internally, but where you come in is helping to paint the humor, humanity, and hands-on nature behind-the-scenes of our business on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. We’re looking to grow this brand across multiple social platforms, so experience in social marketing and the ability to write promotional copy is an absolute necessity.

2. Interacting with our community.

In many cases, you will be the first person that potential clients interact with, be that in the comment sections of different social platforms or by fielding direct messages. You’ll also be talking with Associates from our community directly via email or Slack, while either gathering content or assisting in a support capacity. You should be comfortable with this type of communication and never hesitate to create an open dialogue.

3. Running digital ad campaigns.

Working in tandem with our team, you will develop strategies and manage marketing campaigns across multiple online platforms while ensuring the true message of our brand is what shines through. While we ultimately believe in the power of organic growth, we also recognize that moments will occasionally call for sponsored posts or promotions. Involved in this will also be the study of account analytics, finding where we can adjust or improve our marketing strategies.

4. Assisting the Marketing and Sales teams when necessary.

There’s a need on our team for someone who can be an asset to these growing departments by quickly and professionally designing or altering existing order forms, internal documents, promotional materials, PowerPoint presentations, web banners, and even imagery for the social media accounts that you would be managing.

This position is for a person who:

  • Has previously maintained and grown a brand on social media
  • Can handle customer interactions, always aiming for a positive outcome
  • Has a stronghold on social media and where it’s trending
  • Doesn’t hesitate to engage with followers
  • Is creative and passionate about being creative
  • Has a sense of urgency and can rise to the occasion
  • Enjoys analytics and tinkering with inefficiencies
  • Is able to produce at a high level while working remotely
  • Has average to above average experience with the Adobe Creative Suite (namely Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat) and Microsoft Office

This is a part-time position starting at 20 hours per week that we see growing to a full-time position within the year. The starting wage is $19 - $23 per hour, based on experience, with a range of benefits available to our full-time team members.

The position that we’ve laid out will occupy 20 hours a week, so as it grows, we’ll collaborate with you in order to define exactly what this job becomes. If you’re at all interested in having your fingerprints on a growing brand, then this is the job for you. We are expanding quickly and interested in partnering with innovators. Be part of a talented team where you will be challenged each and every day. We have fun and we make BIG things happen together.

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