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The Shelf

The Shelf is a full-service influencer marketing agency that designs and executes data-driven and ROI-focused campaigns from start to finish. Our creative concepts and multi-channel social strategies are unmatched in the industry. We utilize our own in-house SaaS platform to discover highly-targeted influencers as well as to execute campaigns flawlessly and adjust strategies on a moment’s notice while keeping our customers fully in control of the campaigns.

Position Details

Brand Partnerships and Strategy Managers
Southeast Wisconsin
Fully Remote, WI

This is a fully remote role. Let’s just jump right in here. This role is complex and exciting. It’s also a bit stressful and chaotic. So, we know it’s not for everyone. (S)he who wears the Strategist’s crown sleeps in thunder. It’s gritty. It’s real. It’s a nail-biting thrill with an ENORMOUS amount of growth potential, as well as money-making potential. And, you’ll get to have a big ol’ feather in your cap plus year-long bragging rights when you’re the one influencing multi-million dollar marketing budgets for brands that you use every day!

First, you need to be neurotic about strategy and problem-solving...

At a high level, you should be non-stop, always-on #strategic. (duh, right?). Hence, the job title.

If you’re coming into this role in a more senior capacity, we’d want you to have a super deep understanding of the influencer marketing space. (And by “super deep”, I’m not talking about people who follow a bunch of influencers on Instagram, or people who are influencers themselves… yes, both of those are nice to have for that role, but we need more… you should be able to seamlessly recommend campaign structures, influencer types, whitelisting budgets, themes, and path-to-purchase-related strategies.)

If you’re joining in more of a junior role, you need to be a sponge when it comes to learning. Someone who’s able to quickly learn and absorb a ton of info… and then incorporate all of that info into meaningful conversations. It’s one thing to be able to regurgitate a bunch of random facts, but we’re looking for you to be a dot connector. Someone who can learn a bunch of random facts, and then inject those into conversations based on what the client is talking about in terms of pain points, past experience, goals, etc.

At the end of the day, we like for our calls with potential clients to sound more like strategy sessions rather than another boring, pushy sales pitch. So you need to be an expert!

Strategy only gets you so far though, you should also be a cool and charasmatic communicator...bonus points for being adept at alliteration. :)

You should love talking to people. You should be the master of small-talk. You should be comfortable talking to anyone…

Since you’ll pretty much be the one handling communications with these new business connections, you have to be fanatically organized in order to maintain effective communication.

You should also be a bit of a wizard when it comes to writing compelling emails that keep people engaged. You know… chatting them up, keeping them warm, that sorta thing.

We’re looking for a charismatic social butterfly who is organized, eloquent, and smart.

Read above... and more details are available here

We provide the usual benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision (The Medical Insurance is through Aetna, which is really pretty good.) and 401(k).

Salary is competitive with a commission structure that scales with revenues. To avoid any surprises down the line, please specify your ideal salary requirement.

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