Content Marketing Manager


For more than a decade, Envano has worked to help leaders navigate rapid change and align their physical and digital experience. Our goal is to help you find value in the ever changing digital world and realize your desired business impact.

Position Details

Content Marketing Manager
Northeast Wisconsin
Green Bay, WI

What makes a good Envano Team Member? We seek to redefine the landscape in interactive business, whether it’s marketing, sales or service for and with our clients. We don’t develop technology, we leverage it at the right time, in the right way to the benefit of our client partners. Our team is filled with dynamic, assertive thought leaders who excel in their chosen disciplines. Yet, we all understand and accept that we are only one piece of a successful team. Passionate, exuberant, feisty, challenging, assertive, innovative, and creative are all words that are used to describe us. We seek to understand our client's goals and objectives and provide unique and often challenging insight in our field of expertise. Today it is mobile, augmented reality, tomorrow is what? You may not know but we are already experimenting, playing with, and learning what is going to help our clients WIN into the future.

Actively participate in meetings and collaborate with the team to identify and implement the best technical solutions

✓ Strategic thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making capabilities

✓ Stay up to date on relevant technologies, trends, and opportunities to ensure we always use the best possible techniques and tools

✓ Gathers information and coordinates data from other teammates and clients to develop written digital content

✓ Leads digital storytellers to write and update digital copy

✓ Assigns copy to digital storytellers

✓ Edit/curates content for quality and clarity

✓ Ensure all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality and tone of voice

✓ Assess overall content performance and identify current gaps and opportunities

✓ Create content/campaign calendars and tracking/reporting performance

✓ Collaborate in crafting stories to promote our product, generate leads and educate audiences

✓ Works with the UI/UX designer(s) to analyze site layout and content based on website analytics and usability testing

✓ Work closely with the rest of the creative team to align brand messaging with relevant channels

✓ Works with the digital storytellers and digital media specialist to optimize website content with SEO best practices in mind

✓ Responsible for communicating to the project manager what content production is needed including blogs, landing page copy, emails, social media and ad messaging

✓ Implements team developed strategies to determine and use the right communication channels, improve content effectiveness, increase usability and allow for content reuse

✓ Leads the creation of personas, journey maps and touchpoint maps

✓ Define content problems to be solved, discover processes for new projects and work with interactive business strategists to determine which content channels should be used to solve the challenge

○ Perform content audits on existing sites to uncover the problem areas and put together a content guide

○ Leverage customer research, personas, journey maps and site data to develop proposed content strategies that target user needs and support goals

✓ May interview, help select and train employees

Self-motivated and entrepreneurial

✓ Ability to exercise both technical and creative/editorial copywriting skills

✓ Attention to detail

✓ A contagious desire to learn, try something new, and not only embrace, but create change

✓ Relationship skills to build rapport with outside vendors, partners, other agencies, etc.

✓ Excellent communication skills, including basic presentation abilities

✓ Proven ability to set, manage and meet deadlines and work under pressure

✓ Experience in content strategy and copy creation for B2B and B2C websites

○ Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools

✓ Strong desire to grow with the company and deliver valuable results

✓ Willingness to adjust work schedule and hours committed based on the needs of the client and team

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