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Winbound is a content marketing firm that focuses on small marketing departments. We provide the content marketing capabilities -- content creation, SEO, metrics, conversion optimization -- that these marketing pros don’t have the time or resources to access.

Using our collaborative content approach, we’ve generated hundreds of page #1 rankings for clients, and thousands of visits and leads. There’s no black hat tactics to our success: It’s all about creating quality content and an ideal website experience.

Position Details

Content Writer (Virtual)
Southwest Wisconsin
Madison, WI

As a content writer, you’ll be writing long-form blog posts (1,500 - 2,000 word posts), website landing pages and eNewsletters for a number of clients.

You’ll be the lead on the content, working directly with the client and outside influencers. On the SEO and conversion optimization front, you’ll receive direction and support from Winbound’s team. Your job will be to focus on writing compelling content.

You can work virtually for this full-time position. We don’t care when and where you work, although you will need to be available for occasional meetings and client / influencer interviews.

As one of our Content Writers, a day in the life might look like:

Spending half a day writing an in-depth blog post. Interviewing an influencer for an upcoming post.

Writing a website page, following Winbound’s optimization blueprint.

Meeting virtually with clients and the Winbound team to review metrics from the past quarter and discuss changes to inbound strategy.

This opportunity might be for you if you:

Enjoy all the flexibility of freelance writing -- working from home, choosing your own hours -- but you don’t like the business side of chasing down new business.

Love to write; it’s your forte.

Enjoy meeting with clients and interviewing new people. We’re always reaching out to influencers.

Understand and believe in the power of content marketing, and are eager to learn more about keyword research, the customer journey, search engine optimization, conversion optimization, and the user experience.

Are looking for consistent work, and not necessarily advancement up a stodgy corporate ladder. Lots of opportunity for professional growth -- you will learn a LOT. We are always adapting new tactics and keeping pace with the ever-changing world of digital marketing. Our writers write and maintain a stable list of clients. It’s solid, steady work. We’re a small company, however, without big layers of management.

Like the idea of working with small marketing departments. If the corporate world has you burned out, but you still like the idea of working with smart, nimble marketers, then the world of small marketing departments is for you.

Like to be a part of a team with a unique model and growth plan. We are very focused in our niche and the package we deliver. We learn from the big dogs, and pass their findings on to the smaller dogs.

You need to be an experienced, professional writer with at least 3-5 years under your belt. This opportunity is not for an entry-level candidate, yet we will consider non-traditional experienced candidates.

You have to be a quality, productive writer. You’ll likely be writing around 12 - 14 quality posts per month at a minimum, or you may be asked to write a number of website landing pages instead of posts. You need to be focused, organized, and efficient.

You must be capable of writing website copy and long-form blog content. If you have experience writing copy for conversion (direct response), that's a plus.

You need to be able to be adaptable and able to take criticism like a pro.

You must be open to working with clients and providing solid client management. You’ll be writing, but you’ll also be interacting with clients and influencers. If you love meeting people and learning new things, this is right up your alley.

You need a marketing mindset. We don’t expect you to be a content marketing guru, but along with your writing abilities, you should have marketing instincts. What’s unique about a product, service or story?

You need to know what grabs people. Be easy to work with and a great communicator internally. We email and talk quite a bit. You need to help the left hand know what the right hand is doing.

A competitive salary, combined with a flexible, virtual work model, that makes this an ideal work-from-home job.

Consistent, steady work - the lifestyle of a freelancer, without the headaches of hunting for business.

A cutting-edge company that will bolster your writing skills with backend SEO, UX and Analytics skills. We’re the backend support every writer needs.

Salary: Negotiable

Benefits: Negotiable

Status: Exempt/Full-Time

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