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FÁS is a hybrid—a management consultancy with a full-service marketing communications agency under the hood. Our name is Gaelic in origin and means “growth.” We define marketing as any communication that can affect revenue—including interactions in sales and operations, as well as traditional marketing.

We know you have a passion for doing great work, but the process and layers of approval don’t make it easy—especially when you’re dealing with conservative co-workers and clients who will do just about anything to avoid risk. We simplify the process by rigorously training employees and educating clients from the moment we acquire them on what great work is and why it’s critical to their success. Similarly, we want to know your life’s goals so that we can help you in pursuing and achieving them.

In return, we need you to be great, or on the road to it (we can tell). We don’t micromanage, so you need to be extremely responsible and mature when it comes to your work schedule. You need to be willing to do just about anything to help a coworker and understand that our successes as a team comes from a moto of “All for one, and one for all.” There are no prima donnas here.

Interested? Tell us about yourself and we’ll do more of the same. We look forward to meeting you soon.

FÁS is an equal opportunity employer.

Position Details

Chicago Illinois
Chicago, IL

We’re looking for a copywriter who is collaborative, passionate, and driven to find the human stories that motivate customers. You’ll brainstorm ideas, convey creative insights, and craft copy for supporting materials. The ideal candidate will have agency or in-house experience, and embrace a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Our ideal candidate will have a passion for creative marketing and experience executing in a variety of media. 

Copywriters, we’ve found, tend to come in one of two forms: a) the big picture idea person with strong concepts and headlines to match, but long form body copy isn’t really they’re thing; and b) the type whose not all that strong at big ideas, but can craft well-written long form prose and body copy beautifully, because they have a command of the English language and take the time to study in earnest the subject of their words.

Then there’s the ultra-rare third type, c) the one who is both part A and part B. Promotional ideas are what they live for, yet an assignment to write a brochure for the same product or service clearly, concisely, and grammatically correct is secretly just as fulfilling in its own way.

We’re willing to interview and potentially hire an “A” or a “B” depending on the level of skill they possess at their specialty. However, if you’re a “C,” your chances are excellent, and we’d love to talk right away.


  • Collaborate across teams to create multiple initial concepts and ideas across a variety of media
  • Produce high-quality headlines, subheads, body copy, and dialogue from concept to execution
  • Work quickly and through multiple iterations while maintaining strong attention to detail
  • Consistently meet deadlines and over-deliver in a fast-paced environment


  • A portfolio demonstrating your ability to tell persuasive stories and write within brand voice
  • In addition to traditional media, a talent for creating social media, video content, digital and other non-traditional tactics
  • Minimum of 4–6 years of experience in an agency, editorial, or in-house environment
  • A desire and demonstrated ability to not write typical marketing jargon, you’re willing to take calculated risks

We offer full medical and dental insurance along with a company-matching 401K program. Because we want you to get better and better at what you do, we’ll pay for any career enhancing education.

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