Hunt Adkins

Hunt Adkins is a creative brand consultancy that solves business problems by interweaving modern culture, commerce and technology for future-defining brands.

Position Details

Twin Cities Metro
Minneapolis, MN

Technical copywriter/obsessive perfectionist wanted.

Maybe you’re just starting out in the ad world. Maybe you’re mid-level. Maybe you’re a former traveling-circus member just trying to rejoin mainstream society. We don’t really care. 

What we do care about is that you have editing and proofing skills that make people afraid to send you texts. We care that you can become an expert on our clients’ businesses faster than Beyoncé gets 1000 likes on Instagram. And we care that you can string letters into words, words into sentences and sentences into moving masterpieces of both technical and creative prose that could be set to music and open next week on Broadway. Brochures, websites, FSIs, print ads, digital banners—you will write it all and you will write the hell out of it.

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