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Interested in translating science into innovation? Build your career at Argonne. At Argonne, we view the world from a different perspective. Our scientists and engineers conduct world-class research in clean energy, the environment, technology, national security and more. We’re finding creative ways to prepare the world for a better future.

Position Details

Creative Designer
Northern Illinois
Lemont, IL

The Creative Services department at Argonne National Laboratory is seeking a Creative Designer to join their team of experienced professionals providing full-service design, photography, video and print services. This role will conceptualize designs and facilitate the creation of integrated design solutions that effectively communicate scientific, engineering, business, and facilities information to audiences ranging from the general public to subject matter experts. Typical works include print collateral, websites, digital communications and assets, digital presentations, and environmental graphics.

Position Requirements:

  • Knowledge of current trends, principles of, and professional standards for branding, layout, typography, color usage, photography / illustration usage, and creative graphic design to support business, scientific, and organizational goals. 
  • Knowledge of capabilities of state-of-the art graphic design software applicable to print, web/digital assets, digital presentations, and environmental works. 
  • Knowledge of in-house and commercial manufacturing capabilities for final production output of print, web/digital assets, digital presentations, and environmental works. 
  • Ability to create integrated graphic design solutions that effectively communicate with intended audiences and support the Laboratory’s brand / sponsors’ brands. 
  • Ability to take in and clarify objectives and goals of clients, having a client-service mindset. 
  • Ability to translate scientific and technical content for both basic and sophisticated audiences, focusing on the impact of the work in real world terms.

Position Requirements (continued):

  • Translation of key aspects of scientific, business, and facility concepts into brand-focused graphic design solutions that achieve clients’ communication goals. 
  • Critical thinking skills, using reasoning to identify strengths and weaknesses and creativity to seek alternative solutions and approaches to challenges. 
  • Development of first-of-a-kind design solutions. 
  • Ability to understand and use brand standards effectively. 
  • Ability to develop and execute design solutions based on art direction and brand standards, with efficiency and maintaining high creative standards. 
  • Knowledge and proficiency of office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) 
  • Use of Macintosh computer systems for graphic design purposes. 
  • Ability to coordinate all phases of preparing graphic design products including the definition of scope, design, cost, and schedule options. 
  • Demonstrated excellence in design project management, planning, and driving projects to successful outcomes. 
  • Innovative problem solving. 
  • Successful track record of managing multiple design projects simultaneously. 
  • Ability to manage project details for accuracy and efficiency. 
  • Proven ability to be highly responsive, meet demanding deadlines, prioritize and handle a large number of diverse projects and issues within budget and without creating an atmosphere of stress or anxiety. 
  • Ability to make decisions and solve problems. 
  • Ability to thrive in a dynamic work setting. 
  • Strong teaming and collaboration skills, working through both influence and control on cross-functional teams in order to achieve a common goal. 
  • Ability to cultivate and maintain productive working relationships with internal and external customers at all levels. 
  • Knowledge of spelling and basic English grammar. 
  • Steward of Lab resources. 
  • Passion for the mission of the Lab. 
  • Ability to model Argonne’s Core Values: Impact, Safety, Respect, Integrity, and Teamwork.

This role can be hired at one of two levels, and the requirements for each are as follows:

  • PA2: Bachelor's degree + 2 years of experience, or equivalent
  • PA3: Bachelor's degree + 4 years of experience, or equivalent

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