Development Coordinator

Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis

Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis (JFCS) began in 1910. Then known as the Associated Jewish Charities of Minneapolis, the agency assisted the rising tide of Eastern European Jewish émigrés resettling in the Minneapolis area. Through the efforts of the Board of Directors and other volunteers, pioneering new Americans received financial and employment assistance, along with medical care. In 1914, the agency hired its first staff member to provide professional services to families.

In 1918 JFCS became a charter member of the United Way, then known as the “Town Tea Kettle” and later, the “Community Chest.” Ten years later, JFCS became a charter member of the newly formed Minneapolis Federation for Jewish Service – now known as the Minneapolis Jewish Federation. Today these two funding bodies continue to provide significant support for JFCS services and programs.

JFCS has expanded its staff from one to more than 120 people. What was once a handful of volunteers now numbers more than 700, and today JFCS provides a full spectrum of programs to address the crucial needs of more than 13,000 people who come to us every year.

Position Details

Development Coordinator
Twin Cities Metro
Golden Valley, MN


The Development Coordinator is an engaged member of the Development department who is primarily responsible for generating mailing lists, preparing reports, helping to administer the annual Give Campaign and other mailings, documenting standardized procedures, training incoming Development staff, and other donor services functions as assigned. This person participates in team meetings, events, and fundraising efforts. With advanced technical competencies, communication and training skills, this individual demonstrates a careful attention to detail and a strong work ethic, actively contributing to the advancement of strategic goals that serve to enhance donor relations and further the agency’s mission. This full-time position reports to the Donor Services and Database Manager of the Development department.

Essential Functions/Approximate Time:

List Management & Reports (50%):

  • Prepares all mailing lists for Directions Newsletter, Give Annual Campaign and all other JFCS programs that are supported in this way i.e., Conferences, Hag Sameach, JFCS Annual Meeting. 
  • Makes database corrections and revisions to Raiser’s Edge and the lists through NCOA, and information from other staff. 
  • Works closely with Database Administrator on keeping Raiser's Edge updated at all times. 
  • Prepares reports for Development Staff as needed and works with Development Manager to provide context and analysis of those reports. 
  • Prepares and prints annual Tax Statements and Endowment Fund Holder Statements. 
  • Enters all solicitor information into Raiser's Edge and Staff Contacts and updates that for each Campaign or as needed.

Correspondence Approximately (30%):

  • Prepares and prints letters and envelopes for the Annual Give Campaign mailing. 
  • Works with Give Campaign Manager and Development Director on process for mailing. 
  • Prints annual Tax Statement Letters and Endowment Fund Holder Statements to go with above reports. 
  • Prepares list of monthly pledge statements to send and processes and mails statements as requested from this list.

Administrative Support (20%):

  • With input from Development Manager, standardizes and documents department methodology for gift entry, mitzvah cards, newsletter data and related activities. 
  • Trains new Development staff on tribute and other gift entry procedures. 
  • Processes all 3rd party giving i.e., Workplace Campaigns, United Way, enters all giving into Raiser's Edge and takes care of all acknowledgements, and is responsible for all ACH file transfers. 
  • Enters and acknowledges all stock gifts and transactions and documents on daily spreadsheet. 
  • Provide backup support for data and gift entry.
  • Provide backup and support for tribute card processing and editing. 
  • Be on the rotation schedule for recording and scanning checks.


  • A minimum of 2-3 years relevant experience, such as customer service, development, marketing, and/or administrative support.

Skills and Qualities:

  • High level of experience working in Raiser’s Edge with gift entry, reporting and database updating. 
  • Familiarity of work in a non-profit setting. 
  • Excellent writing ability, verbal communication, and presentation skills. 
  • Effective interpersonal skills for building rapport, cultivating, and maintaining relationships. 
  • Computer proficiency, including word processing, email, and database programs required. 
  • Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to prioritize multiple tasks. 
  • Ability to work independently, and as a team member.

Salary Description:  $49,800-51,800/annually

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