Digital & Social Content Creator

Goodwill Industries of Southeastern WI & Metropolitan Chicago

Goodwill is driven by our mission. Goodwill provides training, employment and supportive services for people with disabilities or disadvantages who seek greater independence.

Position Details

Digital & Social Content Creator
Southeast Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

The Digital & Social Content Creator develops, provides input and executes the implementation of integrated online content with a focus on social media campaigns.


  • Develops, provides input and executes the implementation of integrated online content with a focus on social media campaigns. 
  • Works closely with marketing and communications leadership, assessing project and campaign needs, proposing multi-channel solutions to reach audiences, and building relationships to advance understanding of the Goodwill mission and business units. 
  • Applies expertise in digital communications to act as a strategic liaison to internal clients regarding marketing communications opportunities. 
  • Conducts keyword and social strategy research to plan content initiatives that drive results. 
  • Works to understand business unit objectives, challenges, and goals to ensure marketing communication activities are relevant, impactful, and aligned with business unit strategy. 
  • Contributes to the development of website content, as well as the development and analysis of reports. 
  • Conducts research, evaluates data, and reports on findings, supporting the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and programs. 
  • Has familiarity with the Marketing budget, may provide input into spending decisions, particularly as pertains to vendors, systems, and projects. 
  • Typically works on projects and initiatives that span 12 months – 2 years.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree and a minimum of 5 of marketing or account management experience with an emphasis in digital marketing. Agency experience preferred. 
  2. High level of social media and digital content strategy knowledge. 
  3. Practical knowledge of SEO, web traffic, social, and advertising metrics 
  4. Experience with social media management tools such as Sprout or Hootsuite 
  5. Experience with SEO research tools such as SEMrush 
  6. Excellent written and verbal communication skills


  1. Customer Focus: Independently anticipate and meet customer needs, while searching for ways to improve customer service. Internalize customer feedback, and follow up with customer to ensure problems are solved by providing innovative ideas to meet their future needs. 
  2. Values Differences: Seeks out the diverse perspectives and talents of others, striving to work effectively with others who have different perspectives, backgrounds or styles. Behave with sensitivity towards differences in cultural norms, expectations, and ways of communicating. Challenge stereotyping or offensive comments. 
  3. Communicates Effectively: Shares information and updates with others, while ensuring a clear, concise and professional communication through reports, documentation, written and other communications. Listens with interest to what others have to say. 
  4. Situational Adaptability: Demonstrates flexibility of responses to different situations through adapting to the changing needs, conditions, priorities or opportunities. Monitors how well an approach is working to see if a change is needed, recognizing cues that suggest a change in approach or behavior is needed. 
  5. Drives Results: Demonstrates a strong drive to achieve meaningful results, through driving tasks to successful completion and closure. Sets high standards for own performance, showing determination in the face of obstacles and setbacks. 
  6. Ensures Accountability: Takes responsibility and ownership for successes and failures in own work. Monitors progress of performance and changes approach accordingly, following through on commitments.

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