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Knox College

About Us:

Knox College is a community of individuals from diverse backgrounds challenging each other to explore, understand and improve ourselves, our society and our world. The commitment to put learning to use to accomplish both personal and social goals dates back to the founding of the College in 1837. We take particular pride in the College's early commitment to increase access to all qualified students of varied backgrounds, races and conditions, regardless of financial means.

Today, we continue to expand both the historic mission and the tradition of active liberal arts learning. We provide an environment where students and faculty work closely together and where teaching is characterized by inviting and expecting students to pursue fundamental questions in order to reach their own reflective but independent judgments. The mission is carried out through:

Our curriculum: Combining inquiry in traditional as well as newer disciplines with the integrative perspective of interdisciplinary work; building from basic skills of writing, reading, calculating and critical analysis to opportunities for sophisticated student research and creative expression.

The character of our learning environment: Encouraging the critical exchange of ideas, challenging our students with high expectations and persistent demands for rigorous thinking within a supportive and egalitarian environment, characterized by the informality and openness that mirrors our Midwestern surroundings.

Our residential campus: Encouraging the personal, cultural and intellectual growth of our students in a reflective, inclusive, and engaged campus community through supportive residential opportunities, numerous student organizations, a wide array of creative activities and cultural programming, and opportunities for intercollegiate and recreational sports.

Our community: Reaffirming and extending our ongoing commitment to a diverse community of students, faculty and staff with each new hiring and admission.

Our aims throughout are to foster a lifelong love of learning and a sense of competence, confidence and proportion that will enable us to live with purpose and to contribute to the well-being of others.

Position Details

Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist
Central and Southern Illinois
Galesburg, IL

Knox College is looking for a talented communications professional to help guide the development and implementation of our digital marketing strategies. The digital marketing and communications specialist will play an important role in strengthening the awareness and visibility of the College through our social media channels, website, digital advertising, and marketing campaigns. This person will use listening and analytical tools to monitor and assess digital campaigns and social media, produce content, and converse directly with users via these various channels.

In this role, you can expect to:

  • Develop, write, and design a variety of digital communications, including social media, digital advertising, web content, marketing emails, news, and features 
  • Develop and implement a social media strategy for the College’s core audiences and continually evaluate its effectiveness 
  • Play an important role in building and maintaining a digital community through social media channels, blogs, and the web 
  • Work with faculty to develop digital content to convey the distinctive strengths and opportunities available through individual academic programs 
  • Analyze and make recommendations on content performance, including emails, social media, and digital advertising 
  • Build and publish web pages and assist in maintaining web content 
  • Ensure all content is consistent with college messaging, best practices, policies, and procedures


  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in communications, English, or journalism 
  • Superior writing skills with the ability to craft multimedia content that can be used across a variety of channels 
  • Strong command of creating and maintaining web content within a content management system (CMS) and editing HTML 
  • Ability to use graphics applications, especially Photoshop

Experience in at least three of the following:

  • Developing and implementing social media or digital advertising campaigns in a professional setting 
  • Creating content targeted at student recruitment or solicitation of donors 
  • Working with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising 
  • Using web optimization tools 
  • Using Google Analytics to assess performance of content and make recommendations for improvement 
  • Experience collaborating on video, gifs, social media memes, and digital storytelling 
  • Experience establishing and adhering to organizational brand standards 
  • Working in a highly collaborative and multicultural environment

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