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Not exactly…

We help packaging machinery companies build their brand by getting their name in lights, having magazines talk about them and make them look cool on social media and at trade shows. Their machines package a lot of the products you see at the grocery store and have in your refrigerator - sorry, we cannot name the actual brands - but think about potato chips, cereal, frozen pizza, candy at the movie theater...our customers package all of those! We’re a marketing agency that only focuses on the packaging industry and we speak our customers’ language. One of our founder’s grew up in this industry (literally) starting as a summer job in high school sweeping floors, testing products and doing data entry. We do not have foosball or ping pong tables (although we do have a practice golf net in the warehouse).

We’re just a small knit group who work hard to support each other and our clients. We laugh (sometimes at each other) and don’t take ourselves too seriously. Sometimes things might be a little slow, sometimes things are a little hectic, but we figure it all out, together, and for our clients.

The entire team gets a sense of pride when our customers smile from seeing their ad in a magazine, quote in an article or bright lights on their machine at a trade show. There’s no greater feeling than when a client tells us we played a part in their business having a record year (some actually have them EVERY year). It makes us come back the next day, wanting to work that much harder for them, even though we don’t have dart boards!

BTW - bubble wrap and tape ARE part of the industry, just not our cup of tea.

Position Details

Digital Marketing & Paid Media Specialist
Southeast Wisconsin
Hartland, WI


That’s right, we’re not the flashy agency with toys and games. But we also don’t wear suits and dresses like in the Mad Men days. If you want a small family atmosphere where you can still work hard, have some fun and make our customers smile, then maybe you should keep reading.

You’re going to have to be creative and work well with deadlines. You’re going to have to pay attention to detail. You need to be a strategic thinker, be creative and well-organized. You’ll be expected to provide your expert opinions on digital marketing strategies and stay on top of best practices. You’ll be expected to have a general understanding of industry publications and work closely with their materials teams.

This is a combo-job that will eventually be split between two full-time positions. But for now, you’re wearing multiple hats and will be given the opportunity to grow into the part of the job that you would like to. Oh, and you’ll not only help our clients in these areas, but you’ll also help KG’s digital and paid media activities as well.

If you think this might be you...please proceed.


Social strategy - You’ll work with the client team to make sure clients have a social plan and strategy as well as handling all posting, reporting and providing recommendations for improvement.

Email blasts - You’ll design and send engaging emails to help generate leads. That includes cleaning up their email list and providing your thoughts on results or improvement areas.

Web updates - You’ll update client and KG sites including page layouts, adding copy, photos, videos and other content. Be our go-to person when we have sites built by our Hubspot partner agency.

Traffic cop - Kind of. You’ll analyze client and KG website traffic, generate reports and provide your expert insights on how to increase traffic, where to improve, etc.

Google master - Also, kind of. You’ll research and recommend the best keywords and phrases for SEO programs. You’ll stalk the competition to see what they are doing on Google and will work with our SEO partner when needed.


Materials contact - You’ll be the one the magazines bug for ad files. You’ll keep client managers on track with getting ads completed on time.

Tracking and review - You’ll need to watch for ads to come out online or in magazines and review for accuracy - you know, so they look like they were supposed to.

Lead tracking and reporting - You’ll keep track of how many leads the client had from ads and will provide your thoughts on how successful the ad was or if it sucked, how it can improve. Keep clients relevant - You’ll update any online or print profiles for all clients in publications, directories and for trade shows.


  • Attend events such as Experience Inbound (Milwaukee), AMA Milwaukee and Content Marketing Institute 
  • Attend trade shows as needed
  • Meet with partners and vendors as needed
  • Excellent communication skills Ability to handle multiple projects with attention to detail 
  • Willingness to learn and take pride in your work 
  • Excellent organizational skills with strong degree of self-direction and motivation 
  • Creative thinker with strategic mindset and ability to generate new ideas, troubleshoot issues and solve problems 
  • Desire for continuous improvement and learning 
  • 3-5 years digital marketing experience in a B2B, manufacturing environment 
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications or similar 
  • Working knowledge of the following so you can jump right in: Website CMS systems such as Hubspot (a must) or Wordpress; Email marketing programs such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp; Google Analytics and other web tools such as SEM Rush, MOZ or Databox 
  • Packaging or processing industry marketing experience is a BONUS, but not required

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