Digital Marketing Coordinator

Inpro Corporation

Since 1979, Inpro has been making and servicing products with an obsessive commitment to protecting the appearance of buildings and the health and safety of the people who use them. Based in Muskego, WI, Inpro is a global manufacturer of door and wall protection + design systems, solid surface washroom systems, expansion joint systems, curtain and track systems, commercial window treatments, elevator interior systems and architectural signage.

The company leads the industry with the first biopolymer wall protection – Inpro’s exclusive reformulated PETG, G2 BioBlend™, made with a corn-based biopolymer.

Inpro is a proud participant in the UPS carbon neutral shipping program.

Inpro expanded its international operations in 2011 with the opening of a sales office in Dubai, UAE, and a wholly-owned subsidiary – Inpro India, Pvt. Ltd. – in Mumbai, India. In addition to Dubai and India, Inpro’s global reach includes more than 70 distributors worldwide.

Mission: We obsess over protecting buildings from people, and people from buildings.

Position Details

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Southeast Wisconsin
Muskego, WI

This position exists to manage distribution of content through digital channels and coordinate marketing and agency resources to complete projects with the goal of increasing sales inquiries and their quality. This individual will create, implement and measure e-marketing programs. In addition, this individual will update our corporate website.

Primary Responsibilities:

Create and Execute Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • Assist in developing and executing digital strategy based on sales strategy interviews/feedback.
  • Responsible for planning, building, and implementing both manual and automated digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels and platforms.
  • Utilize the following channels for KPI objectives; organic search, paid advertising, email marketing, social media, video, affiliate, influencer, partnership, referral, mobile and display to increase awareness about the company, brand, products, and services, ultimately feeding into qualification forms/landing pages.

Ad Copywriting & Content Creation

  • Ad copywriting review and content creation to support their online marketing campaigns (in collaboration with a member of the marketing team).
  • Includes improving blog posts for Digital PR campaigns, creating articles and other resources for organic search enhancement

Develop Visual Assets for Digital Campaigns

  • Creating basic visual assets in collaboration with a member of the marketing team
  • Develop basic assets for display advertising, email marketing campaigns, or infographic marketing.

Administer Websites & Publish Content

  • Administer common website changes and publish content based on scheduling to support marketing campaigns.
  • Able to perform technical website optimizations modifying HTML or CSS code.

Monitor & Optimize Marketing Campaigns

  • Monitor the performance of marketing campaigns and optimize them over time.
  • Use data analytics software tools like Google Analytics, BigQuery and Google Data Studio as well as understand the various social media reporting platforms to understand how web traffic is being generated and identify the best opportunities to advance business goals like generating brand awareness or increasing conversions.
  • Use basic design skills in combination with CRO knowledge/platforms (HotJar/Qualtrics) to improve the performance of landing pages and drive conversions by alleviating high friction conversion points.

Communicate Results to Leadership

  • Prepare reports, dashboards, and/or presentations to demonstrate the results of work (this is upon request)
  • Analyze campaign outcomes and show a positive return-on-investment from digital channels.
  • Responsible for meeting specific KPI targets, such as total conversions, total leads generated, or number of engagements (ability to create custom GA4 Events and dashboards a must)

Skills at a Glance:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – advanced knowledge of SEO and the ability to create and effectively manage organic search campaigns through content augmentation.
  • Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC) – deliver profitable ads campaigns across multiple ad networks, including Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Paid Social Platforms eg., Meta, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – Ability to use CRO platforms to optimize our marketing funnels and improve landing page conversion rates.
  • Data Analysis – review data analytics to measure, analyze, and report on program performance.
  • Email Marketing – design email marketing campaigns, create dynamic segmentation lists
  •  Social Media Marketing – post, edit, schedule, read analytics for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Content Marketing – should be familiar with the process of content marketing as well as provide suggestions on audience targeting.
  • Digital PR – increasing online presence through high-quality backlink generation, press releases, guest posting, and other initiatives that elevate status and brand exposure online
  • Website CMS – administration and content publishing responsibilities, as well as WordPress
  • HTML & CSS – understand the basics of HTML/CSS, customize and perform content experiments, and design landing pages on their own.

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