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Moon Landing

Moon Landing is proudly in the business of orchestrating brand behavior, so it inspires, with our creative leadership and storytelling support, an ecosystem of stories that beg to be shared ... uncontrived, fortified, and storified by passion. Our client roster includes a mix of successful and exciting B2B and B2C brands in manufacturing, sports, nonprofits, entertainment, technology, food, and consumer goods.

Position Details

Digital Marketing Strategist
Southeast Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

Moon Landing is an uncommon Branding and Public Relations agency. What truly sets us apart is our relentless pursuit of our clients’ ‘Why’ - identifying what the world would be missing if they disappeared from the world tomorrow. The Digital Marketing Strategist is responsible for harnessing, developing, and implementing digital marketing programs that deliver these brand stories to the right audiences online. 

We’re an agency of storytellers, looking for another teammate who can narrate by number. We don’t just want a spreadsheet-keeper printing out page views for the sake of showing large amounts. We want someone who can connect counts to context. Someone who:

  • Understands that not every number is important —and how to determine which ones are.
  • Knows how to map data to what it means for the audience. 
  • Can create flows for users that feel natural and intuitive, then use analytics to streamline.
  • Thinks user-first, and stands up for the customer’s needs. 
  • Focuses on smart decisions about what to test and why. 
  • Gets that UX is great —but conversion is key. 
  • Can dig beyond demographics to identify audiences based on their behaviors. 
  • Knows how to guide clients past the shimmer of a big number into the depths of what their data truly means.

If you’re the right kind of human-focused numbers nerd who uses data to break down psychology, send us some detail about your work and your analytics philosophy. If we think you might be a fit, we’ll invite you to geek out with us a bit to see if our styles mesh!

Ideal candidates will have:

  • 3+ years demonstrated experience
  • Measurable results to showcase
  • The right analytic storyteller mindset

Moon Landing offers a competitive salary commensurate with experience. We have a flexible hybrid model of work from home and in-office hours. A benefits package is offered including medical and paid time off.

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