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For more than a decade, Envano has worked to help leaders navigate rapid change and align their physical and digital experience. Our goal is to help you find value in the ever changing digital world and realize your desired business impact.

Position Details

Digital Storyteller
Northeast Wisconsin
Green Bay, WI

Envano is seeking a motivated, teachable and hungry to grow Digital Storyteller, with a focus on content creation, editing and social media community management. The Digital Storyteller is responsible for communicating all aspects of development, design, production, presentation, promotion, evaluation and analysis. If you have a passion for writing, a keen understanding of digital media and a creative outlook on the written word — we're looking for you!


✓ Ability to adapt to various brands, audiences, objectives, channels, etc.

✓ Strong attention to detail

✓ Work as a member of the creative team to conceptualize solutions that align with strategic direction

✓ Research clients’ products/services/image to ensure ability to write accurate, on-target copy/concepts for assigned projects

✓ Ability to write and proofread in AP Style

✓ Assist in writing proposals, marketing plans, publicity and technical material

✓ Ability to prepare for and conduct effective interviews

✓ Comfortable presenting and training others as a subject matter expert in a variety of settings including client meetings

✓ Has a passion for social media storytelling

✓ Knowledge in the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram

✓ Experience with email marketing and/or CRMs ✓ Basic understanding of video and image editing types of software

✓ A clear understanding of the full spectrum of a campaign, how the individual pieces work together and your role in ensuring its success

✓ Be resourceful, discerning and efficient

Here’s What We Need From You

You are an ‘Internet junkie.’ To you, the web is not only a place where you chat with friends on Facebook, publish posts on LinkedIn or update your blog, it's a sea endless of possibilities. An opportunity to constantly redefine the playing field for clients, extending it beyond anything anyone has ever imagined.

You don’t mind working in a loosely structured environment. In fact, you are self-motivated and entrepreneurial.

✓ You are (mentally) ambidextrous. You have the ability to exercise both technical and creative/editorial copywriting skills and an understanding of the appropriate context and audience for each. Plus, you can just as easily tackle full marketing campaigns or complex website redesign, as you can a killer headline or email subject.

✓ You are enthusiastic about language and critique ads or billboards on the way to the office. Attention to small details in both copy, social media and design won’t just save everyone headaches, it’s extremely important.

✓ You act like every day is the first day back to school, with a contagious desire to learn, try something new, and create change! If you don’t like to learn or take some risks, you won’t fit in.

3+ years of related work experience What makes a good

Envano Team Member?

We seek to redefine the landscape in interactive business, whether it’s marketing, sales or service for and with our clients. We don’t develop technology, we leverage it at the right time, in the right way to the benefit of our client partners. Our team is filled with dynamic, assertive thought leaders who excel in their chose disciplines. Yet, we all understand and accept that we are only one piece of a successful team. Passionate, exuberant, feisty, challenging, assertive, innovative, and creative are all words that are used to describe us.

We seek to understand our client's’ goals and objectives and provide unique and often challenging insight in our field of expertise. Today it is mobile, augmented reality, tomorrow is what? You may not know but we are already experimenting, playing with, andl earning what is going to help our clients WIN into the future.

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