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Wisconsin Department of Tourism

We show the world how fun is done!

We provide travelers with relevant information that inspires, sparks interest in Wisconsin and helps to enrich their lives through fun experiences. Fun is truly what it’s all about, and we want travelers in and to our great state to know about all the chances they have for fun here.

At the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, we’re a small powerhouse of marketing and customer service professionals. We find satisfaction in promoting everything Wisconsin offers travelers and supporting the organizations and businesses that make up the state’s tourism industry.

To ensure success in providing relevant and engaging written content to travelers, freelance writers are an important extension of our team.

Position Details

Freelance Writer
Southwest Wisconsin
Remote, WI

To provide the Wisconsin Department of Tourism with written marketing editorial for publishing on and/or print publications. Content will cover travel and tourism statewide and feature a variety of places to stay, things to do, dining opportunities and events.

From quirky fairs and festivals, to playing and staying in Wisconsin’s outdoors, we are home to four seasons of non-stop fun, and we need your help to show it off!

The Department of Tourism contracts with independent correspondents to assist in producing written content for the sole purpose of marketing the State of Wisconsin as a premier travel and tourism destination through Travel Wisconsin marketing channels. These channels primarily include digital/web and print publications.

We look for writers who write with personality. While much of our content is not written in first person blog-style but rather from the Travel Wisconsin brand tone, we still communicate conversationally through our content production. We’re looking for writers that can describe to travelers what they’ll see, hear and feel when experiencing Wisconsin.

Assignments will be offered by the managing editor at the Department of Tourism and will explain the topic, creative direction and brand strategy. At times, our articles are regionally or destination based, but most often we promote statewide information in each piece of content (ex: 5 Wisconsin Cabins with Unforgettable Views or 5 Beautiful Beaches in Wisconsin’s State Parks).

Our freelance writers are not expected to report to the Department of Tourism office at any time, other than one time for brand standards on-boarding. Therefore, writers can work on their time and from wherever they choose.

The Department of Tourism does not guarantee a set number of assignments, but the writer will be paid for each piece of content they are asked to produce.

Submitting photography with the article is not expected, but allowable.

Writers can pitch assignment ideas to the managing editor for consideration, but pitching is not expected. is our largest vehicle for distributing the content we produce. This is why it is important for our writers to understand web writing techniques and how to adapt content intended for the web versus print.

Writers must follow generally accepted journalistic standards and publication guidelines including guaranteeing the accuracy of all copy.

Writers should have an understanding and be comfortable using Associated Press Style.

Writers must have the ability to submit written content electronically.

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism provides opportunities for written content to be distributed across its Travel Wisconsin marketing channels.

Payment can depend on the assignment details and word count expected. For completed work that follows the assignment provided, writers can plan to be paid $100-$400 per completed assignment.

The Department of Tourism will pay for all stories it solicits. The State is purchasing all rights to any stories for which it pays, including digital/web, print or repurposing for other Wisconsin Department of Tourism / Travel Wisconsin communication and marketing channels. Payment by the State for a story is a buyout of that piece of content. The contractor shall not use stories purchased by the State in their entirety for other purposes. Although the Department of Tourism may pay for a story, it reserves the right to publish or not publish it at its discretion.

Our freelance writers have the right to perform services for other publications, websites, newspaper or other mediums while contracting with the Department of Tourism.

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